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Album Notes. I wrote it sometime back after visiting Bangalore after a gap of over 10 years. I was shocked by how much it had changed for the worse. From a broader perspective, the song is also a commentary on the downside of progress and modernization. Every time some new building is put up, we are giving up something as well. He started working as a copywriter when he was just seventeen years old and started his own advertising agency, The Ad-Pad, in Bangalore when he was twenty-two.

He left for New York City a few years later to continue his education. Over the years, Thomas has worked in the New York region as a creative director, media specialist, marketing manager, and business development manager. He is currently the marketing director of a large manufacturing company. Quotes: A life guide Volume 2. Trinity R.

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Characters that we see early on in our story evolve and change as the years advance. An early obstacle for our young boys is that of C. This reader also learned a lot while going through the book. Itty also has included several original musical interludes throughout the story. George grows up to be a big-time singer and songwriter and many of the musical pieces reflect a thematic phase of the sweeping story. Bangalore Baloney is a good-hearted novel with characters that are sympathetic and fundamentally decent.

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Links Amazon Author Website. Review: Bangalore Baloney by Thomas Itty. Review: Bangalore Baloney by Thomas Itty Bangalore Baloney written by Thomas Itty is a story that spans several decades and takes place in several countries. Share This Story! Related Posts. June 27th, 0 Comments.