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Did he look a bit shocked when Jessup finally confessed to ordering the code red? The truth: The more running, the better. And thankfully, Maguire proved to be a man of his word and indeed showed Rod the money via a new contract.

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The truth: Tom Cruise should play more bad guys. Seeing a gray-haired, evil side of Cruise was an unexpected delight, considering his usual action hero mode.

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Nobody could believably have that name — especially a character played by Tom Cruise. The truth: His character has a big butt.

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Over the summer, a viral tweet used photographic evidence to posit the theory that Cruise used a fake butt in the film. I do my own mooning in films.

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  • Edge of Tomorrow The truth: Major Cage is not getting out of the time loop. But that last look though…. The truth: Jack Reacher should never go back.

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    He went back. The truth: Nick Morton should have just been screaming the whole movie. The truth: Tom Cruise is still a movie star. Home Movies Can Tom Cruise characters handle the truth? An EW investigation. Please log in to vote. I'm not the best halo player, and I don't get a bunch of headshots etc which a lot of these solutions seem to require.

    Robert Madu "You Can't Handle The Truth"

    I like grenades, grenades are awesome. Here's the modifiers I chose. Heroic Fog Famine Iron Pinata melee a grunt, get a grenade!

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    • You Can't Handle the Truth!;
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    • Boom I die quite a bit, it's much better to quit and resume when you die before you respawn. May as well take the free bonus from the iron skull. I kept the sniper with me throughout, it come sin handy on the hunters, who are a pain, and taking out some of the cannons early on. I kept a plasma pistol as my primary throughout too.

      25+ Best You Cant Handle the Truth Memes | Cant Handle the Truth Memes, to Be Honest Memes

      Nades were key for me, get a good grenade and you'll clear a bunch of enemies and rack up a big score boost too! Just watch out for any explosions near you, with boom on you'll get caught off guard quite a bit, but it's worth it. Other than that just take it slow, do the quit resume method as often as you need and you should make decent time.