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Here is one for a seventy-three-year-old white woman who was found on Monday, July 17th:. A recluse for 10 yrs, never left apartment, found today by son, apparently DOA. Victim was known as quiet, [kept] to himself and at times, not to answer the door. Chain was on door. We did everything possible. Klinenberg finds that conclusion unacceptably superficial.

The disaster may look inevitable, but beneath the surface he sees numerous explanations for why it took the shape it did. One chapter of the book is devoted to a comparison of two adjoining low-income neighborhoods in Chicago, Little Village and North Lawndale. Statistically, the two are almost identical, each with heavy concentrations of poor, elderly people living alone, so it would seem that the heat wave should have taken a similar toll in both neighborhoods. But North Lawndale had ten times the fatality rate of Little Village.

Because Little Village is a bustling, relatively safe, close-knit Hispanic community; the elderly had family and friends nearby who could look in on them, and streets and stores where they could go to escape their stifling apartments. North Lawndale, by contrast, is a sprawling, underpopulated, drug-infested neighborhood. The elderly there were afraid to go outside, and had no one close by to visit them. The heat was deadly only in combination with particular social and physical circumstances.

The city could have nearly tripled the number of available ambulances by calling in reserves from the suburbs, but it was slow to realize that it had a disaster on its hands. Social-services departments had been professionalized as if they were corporations.

‘Potentially dangerous’ heatwave set to strike Europe

Responsibilities had been outsourced. Problem solving, in our day and age, brings with it the requirement of compression: we are urged to distill the most pertinent lessons from any experience. It is an approach that resembles, most of all, the way the heat wave was analyzed by meteorologists. Take the question of air-conditioning. The Centers for Disease Control, in their Chicago investigation, concluded that the use of air-conditioners could have prevented more than half of the deaths. Many of those who did have air-conditioners, meanwhile, were hit by the power failures that week.

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Chicago had a problem with a vulnerable population: a lot of very old and very sick people. But it also, quite apart from this, had an air-conditioning problem. What was the cause of that problem? As it turns out, this is a particularly timely question, since there is a debate going on now in Washington over air-conditioners which bears directly on what happens during heat waves.

All air-conditioners consist of a motor and a long coil that acts as a heat exchanger, taking hot air out of the room and replacing it with cold air. If you use a relatively unsophisticated motor and a small coil, an air-conditioner will be cheap to make but will use a lot of electricity.

If you use a better motor and a larger heat exchanger, the air-conditioner will cost more to buy but far less to run. Rationally, consumers should buy the more expensive, energy-efficient units, because their slightly higher purchase price is dwarfed by the amount of money the owner pays over time in electric bills. Their incentive was to buy the cheapest unit. So Congress passed a minimum standard for air-conditioning efficiency.

Residential central air-conditioning units now had to score at least 10 on a scale known as SEER —the seasonal energy-efficiency ratio. Nor is this a classic regulatory battle that pits corporate against consumer interests. But the second-largest manufacturer, Goodman which makes Amana air-conditioners , is in favor of The Bush decision is really about politics, and the White House felt free to roll back the Clinton standard because most of the time the difference between the two standards is negligible.

There is one exception, however: heat waves. Air-conditioning is, of course, the reason that electrical consumption soars on very hot days. On the worst day in August, electricity consumption in, say, Manhattan might be three or four times what it is on a cool spring day.

For most of the year, a local utility can use the electricity from its own power plants, or sign stable, long-term contracts with other power companies. But the extra electricity a city needs on that handful of very hot days presents a problem. The amount of power that a utility has to buy for that handful of hot days every summer, in other words, is a huge factor in the size of our electric bills.

For anyone wanting to make electricity cheaper, then, the crucial issue is not how to reduce average electrical consumption but how to reduce peak consumption. A recent study estimates that moving the SEER standard from 10 to 13 would have the effect of cutting peak demand by the equivalent of more than a hundred and fifty power plants. The cost of those extra power plants—and of running a less efficient air-conditioner on hot days—is part of what will make air-conditioning less affordable for people who will someday desperately need it.

TSS consists of a series of giant transformers—twenty feet high and fifteen feet across—that help convert the high-voltage electricity that comes into Chicago along power lines into the low-voltage power that is used in offices and homes. Throughout that Friday afternoon, the four transformers in the second terminal at TSS were running at a hundred and eighteen per cent of capacity—that is, they were handling roughly a fifth more electricity than they were designed to carry. The chief side effect of overcapacity is heat. The more current you run through a transformer the hotter it gets, and, combined with the ambient temperature that afternoon, which averaged a hundred and eleven degrees, the heat turned the inside of terminal two into an oven.

At P. It tripped and shut down. The current that had been shared by four transformers had to be carried by just three, making them still hotter. The second transformer was now carrying a hundred and twenty-four per cent of its rated capacity. Fifty-one minutes later, a circuit breaker on the second transformer burst into flames.

Transformers are engineered to handle extra loads for short periods of time, but there was just a little too much current and a little too much heat. At , two more CTs tripped on the third transformer and, as workmen struggled to get the terminal up and running, a CT failed on the fourth transformer. All around the city that week, between Wednesday and Sunday, there were 1, separate equipment failures that left an additional hundred and forty-nine thousand customers without power.

Those are staggering numbers. But what is really staggering is how easy it would have been to avoid these power outages. The actual high, on the Friday of the heat wave, was 19, And believe me, I'm not usually a fan of the 'insta-love' concept. However, the author did bring enough of the characters' personalities, worries and hesitations to the page to let me help me see that it could be possible for a relationship to develop and become something meaningful for them.

It helped that Gavin and Sunny were ready for a change, even if they didn't personally think it would come in the form of a relationship. The only negative in the story was the addition of Callie's POV. I understand why it was added to the story, but she was annoying and immature and I couldn't stand reading her thoughts. I confess that I skimmed through most of them, focusing on when it mattered to the whole of the story, All in all, Last Call was a fun, exciting read with lots of chemistry, complex characters and an interesting story that kept it all together.

I received this title from the author through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion. This review is also posted at www. She has been in love with Gavin McLeod since she was a teenager. She just wants Gavin to notice her and think of her the same way that she does him; however Gavin has no interests romantically or sexually towards Callie. Can Callie come to grips that Gavin will never be hers or will she try to sabotage any relationship Gavin may have?

Gavin McLeod thought he knew w This review is also posted at www. Gavin McLeod thought he knew which direction his life was taking; he has his career on track as the next CEO of Holden Enterprises and he is financially stable enough to help his Granddad out. That is, until one sexy bartender has him tied in knots when he is sent to check out the bar she works at to possibly use as an inspiration for a future resort. Little does Gavin know his whole world will be turned upside-down when he finds out the true reason for being sent to the Blackout. Will he do his job or will he help Sunny keep her bar?

Sunny Black is more than just a sexy and sassy bartender, she owns the Blackout along with her younger brother. She is immediately attracted to Gavin when he walks into her bar along with three other women who he seems to not even care about. Gavin seemed to have lost himself in a way and Sunny brought him back to the real him. He had special memories of the town that the Blackout is in; he used to go there with his Granddad when he was a kid. She was the perfect fit for Gavin.

I think I may have to use some peppermint schnapps in the near future as well read the book and you will understand what I mean hehe. Callie just seemed like a spoiled rotten princess. Gavin was never mean to her, even though he could have been after some of the stunts she pulled. But, when her eyes are opened to a lot of different situations regarding her father I was proud of her for standing up for herself.

She deserves to be happy and I hope in the future we will see a book about Callie. I am really enjoying how this series is coming to life. I definitely recommend adding this series to your TBR piles. I am so anxious to see what the future of this series is and some of the characters are. Shelves: romance , sexual.

Gavin McLeod the shrewd Vice-President of Holden Enterprises, a hospitality company has been sent to negotiate a buy-out deal with the bar's owner Sunny Black. What he doesn't expect is their explosive chemistry on meeting that has him craving the seductive bartender, nor the devious plan his boss has cooked up that could endanger their lives. The mood of the bar where Sunny Black established roots and a solid foundation for her brother years before is cheerful and whimsical; a place where friends and lovers meet for a drink.

But as events unfold and the story progresses the atmosphere takes on a sinister aspect as Max Holden's shady dealings not only include using Gavin's raw sexuality to sweeten the bargain, but a criminal who will threaten their lives. Although the outcome's predictable the plot is entertaining and filled with light banter and humor both in and out of the bedroom. Gavin MacLeod a man of humble lineage is smart, confident, and single-minded in business.

As he's climbed the corporate ladder he's drifted away from old friends and even his grandfather, becoming serious, intense and focused on work. Already unhappy with the direction of his life and having become entangled in Sunny's troubles, Gavin changes his outlook, his integrity and fairness shining through. Sunny Black is clever, sensible and a good judge of character, although when she meets Gavin her body's demands rule her head.

She's independent, feisty and determined to "never give up". When these two meet the electricity builds with every sexual encounter. Among the other characters who add spice, energy and drama is Callie Holden a spoilt, petulant and prudish twenty-one year old who outgrows her youthful and obsessive crush on Gavin after an embarrassing incident. With her attraction to Jason, a hardworking host at the golf club, and after discovering the ruthlessness of her father, Callie's attitude changes and matures.

Max Holden the millionaire CEO is autocratic, controlling and dangerous. He's a man who will do anything to get what he wants. Although I'd have liked more complexity in plot development, the characters are solid and interesting. I rate it 3. Mar 27, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it. He did First of all, let me confess my disappointment when I started reading this and it wasn't a story about one of the two hunky friends we met in book one. Oct 15, Crystal rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary.

Gavin McLeod has got it all.

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  2. Boiled alive?
  3. Walk the Straightaways, Run the Curves: And Other Life Lessons.

He's got the good looks. He's got a damn good job working for a man he practically considers family who is grooming him to take over as CEO for a million to billion dollar business. And he's got his granddad who raised him after his parents disappeared on a boating trip. But lately he's having second thoughts. He's wondering if he's the right man to step in to his mentor's shoes when Max retires. Over the past year or so, many of the choices Max has made to further t Gavin McLeod has got it all. Over the past year or so, many of the choices Max has made to further the business hasn't set well with Gavin.

If it were the right business for him, then wouldn't he be ok with Max's choices? Not to mention he's plagued by guilt because he no longer sees or spends time with his granddad who lives on a farm hours away from where he lives in Myrtle Beach. He pushes his questions away until he meets Sunny. The bartender of the bar Max asks him to go scope out. But when Gavin finds out that Max wants to buy Sunny's bar so that he can build a new resort on the very same beach that Gavin's granddad use to bring him fishing at, those questions come barreling back with a vengeance.

It doesn't help that Sunny is the sweetest and sexiest thing he's seen in forever, and he can't help but notice how much she loves her bar. Will the engaging Sunny let Gavin talk her into selling her bar? Or will Sunny get Gavin to understand that this isn't just her bar, it's her home with her brother, and she's not selling.

And the biggest question of all is, will their hearts survive the conflict since they can't seem to keep their hands off each other even though they're on opposite sides of the dilemma? I loved Alannah Lynne's first book, Savin' Me! This book, while not quite as good in my eyes as its predecessor, is still a very enjoyable read. Gavin is a giant teddy bear in my eyes who has a lot of soul searching to do.

Sunny is a sweet and sassy girl who has always taken care of her brother, but not really taken care of herself. So to see her shine at moments makes you want to reach into the story and give her a big pat on the back for a job well done. It's a four wine glass toast to Last Call by Alannah Lynne! Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females Sounds like the lead in to a dirty joke, but in all truth Gavin is there for a job. Although he doesn't necessarily know what that job is besides looking around.

And what he sees besides a relaxing bar is a sexy bartender with an addiction to dum dums the lollipops, not men! Sunny, who has raised her b Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females Sunny, who has raised her brother for the past few years, doesn't have a personal life outside of caring for her brother and tending to her bar. When Gavin walks in one night she finds herself wildly attracted to him, but finds herself playing a dangerous game when she realizes who she is and what he wants - besides her. Will Gavin find himself in the arms of a bartender with a sunny personality and go back to his roots or will the lure of a CEO position have him high tailing it back to where he's from?

Alannah showcases her talent once more in the second book in the Heat Wave series. Once again, the perfect setting along with characters that you can fall in love with makes Last Call such a great read. The plot is more suspenseful this time around as readers question "What choice will Gavin make? I never thought Gavin's boss would stoop as low as he did, but color me surprised when it happens. The only thing I wished this book had more of is Gavin's interactions with his grandfather. With his grandfather being such a crucial part of his life growing up, I would have loved to see more of their dynamic, but I truly enjoyed Gavin's hard work on the farm and his farm boy roots.

Gavin is a tall drink of deliciousness and Sunny is probably one of the most likable female characters I've had the pleasure of being introduced to. She's strong, caring, has a naughty side, a sunny personality, and she truly cares about those she comes across. I loved her addiction to dum dums and nipple chains - those two things made Sunny such a quirky, but kick ass character to me.

While Last Call didn't feature any characters from the first book, these new characters each are completely different from characters I have been introduced to in the past and I enjoyed reading about each one. Dec 04, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: written-review , ariesgrl-book-reviews. Gavin McLeod came from a small town in North Carolina and has worked hard to become the second in command of one of the big company Holden Enterprises.

But when his boss sends him on a mission in Anticue Island, North Carolina, he meets the one person that will change his life forever and make him come to terms with his sense of self and his past. Sunny Black has built her life and her bar in order to provide for her younger brother Gavin McLeod came from a small town in North Carolina and has worked hard to become the second in command of one of the big company Holden Enterprises.

Sunny Black has built her life and her bar in order to provide for her younger brother. She took him in and gave him a stable home where they both could set down roots. When an expensive suit wearing stranger with killer good looks, walks into her bar one night, she dreams of letting loose and chasing her dreams just for one night. Little does Gavin or Sunny know that this one wild night of passion, could wreck everything they have both worked so hard to gain. Alannah Lynne changes the setting and the characters in the second installment of the Heat Wave series. Last Call provides readers more intrigue and suspense along with the intense chemistry and sizzling passion.

Readers will fall in love with the small, quaint community of Anticue Island, North Carolina. Lynne uses even the tiniest, minute details that only a true local beach resident would understand, yet all readers will be able to picture the setting with ease. This second installment amped up the heat and offers a preview of what is to come in the next book.

Romance readers will feel like they are in a never-ending heated drought, as they await the next chapter from this Heat Wave series. Notes: A copy of this book was provided to me by the author for me to review. May 30, books are love rated it really liked it. This book had some really hot intimate scenes that will get the heart pumping especially the scene with the peppermint schnapps or the beach but what I think makes this book is the sexual intimacy it is the story of Gavin.

Gavin lost his way. He came from the farm and wanted to help his grandfather so much that he forgot where he is from. Forgot his roots and almost became like his boss. Gavin began to become the master manipulator in negotiations. Slowly thought this began to take its toll. Add This book had some really hot intimate scenes that will get the heart pumping especially the scene with the peppermint schnapps or the beach but what I think makes this book is the sexual intimacy it is the story of Gavin.

Add that to the bosses daughter he thought of as a sister never taking no for an answer and thinking he was hers and you got one very unhappy and lost man. This is beautifully conveyed in this story. How Gavin is trying to find direction in his life and in one night his heart begins to pick up and he begins to smile again.

A bar in a town he used to go to with his grandfather. Not only a bar but the bartender. Sunny with her smiles and fiestiness gets Gavin smiling and laughing again. Has him see things in a new way. But what Gavin thinks he is there for turns out to be more sinister and that is when our story truly picks up. Sunny stands in his way and Gavin to him is the ticket. It is what his boss wants that matters. He works with Sunny to find a way to fight him. But this does put him at odds with his boss and himself. Along the path of the fight Gavin has self discovery occur.

He sees what he is truly and where he wants to be.

British Isles heat wave - Wikipedia

He even finds the girl to keep-Sunny. And the bosses daughter begins to see things differently as well and gains a big brother in Gavin. A wonderfully sexy book on finding the one person to help you find your way and self discovery. About fighting for what you believe is right even if it costs you everything. The story of Sunny and Gavin is sexy, sweet and really a wonderful read where we have danger and excitement as they fight not only for themselves and each other but also against what is wrong so that things can stay right.

Jan 31, Melissa Portillo rated it really liked it. I got this read as a ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review. Last call is book 2 in the heat wave series, having said that I had not read book one and this book can be read by itself without taking any of the enjoyment away. This story is focused on Gavin and Sunny.. Gavin has always been thankful to Max having no parents of his own he sees this man as a father figure. But when Gavin finds himself in the small costal town he used to visit as a boy he starts to question what really makes him happy.

Max wants to turn over this small sleepy town and make a resort problem is before he can do that he needs one last piece of property, a small whimsical bar called "Black out" its Gavin's job to get Max what he wants what ever the means. When Gavin sets eyes on Amiee Lee "sunny" Black he knows his job has just been made a thousand times more difficult.

This girl is beautiful, funny, smart and a true fighter and the more time he spends with Sunny the more he starts to question his loyalty else where. Sunny has never had it easy she's fought for the life she has now and she wont let this ruthless business man in a suit take it away from her. She wants to believe Gavin is sincere in his efforts to help her save her livelihood, but can she really believe he would forfeit his job and millions of dollars for her piece of trash bar?

Gavin makes her feel things she hasn't in a long time, he's stunning beautiful and can do some crazy good things with his mouth. Its hard for her to keep her mind in the game with her hormones going crazy. This book was an entertaining, fast read that I enjoyed. It's City life meets small town folk and sometimes having more money or power doesn't always mean you win. The plot was pretty predictable but the characters where great and I could picture myself visiting this coastal town.

The characters had spunk and the little plot of revenge was a great twist in this romance story. I would definitely read the other books in the series.

Japan heat wave sparks Olympic fears

Jun 01, Chu rated it really liked it. Gavin is driven, ambitious, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. This is why he was the next CEO at Holden enterprises. All he wanted was to provide for his grandfather who took him in after he lost his parents.

Gavin McLeod was sent to Anticue to work out an acquisition, instead he bumped into this sexy bartender that had rocked his world. Now he is torn between work and his growing attractio Gavin is driven, ambitious, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Now he is torn between work and his growing attraction and fascination to Sunny.

He was unlike any other woman he has met. Sunny has a very positive disposition in life, not to mention she worked hard so that she can take her brother away from their past and offer him a better future. She has been taking care of her ever since, so her life has been put on hold. Her world revolved around him and the bar. But just for tonight, meeting Gavin had brought out her recklessness. She wanted him for herself. She wanted to cross that line and give herself something that she really wanted. But what if he was not what she thought he was? What I like most about this book? Intense chemistry, off the charts sexiness, and surprising twists.

Not to mention some unforeseen friendships and scenes on the beach that had me swooning. May 21, Carra rated it it was amazing. Unbelievably hot, plenty of tension, a few twists and a touch of suspense Characters with depth plus an intriguing storyline are what make this story a really great read, one that you'll wind up recommending to your friends and one you'll probably want to read again. I really liked Sunny, our female lead. She is so very strong, having to help raise her brother and keep everything together for the both of them. She is feisty and still s Unbelievably hot, plenty of tension, a few twists and a touch of suspense She is feisty and still sweet, and is definitely on my list of favorite female leads.

Then there's Gavin-another strong character who thought he knew what he wanted, until after he meets Sunny. He's protective, sexy and wants to do the right thing-and not necessarily because of Sunny. These two are scorching hot together, and they are surrounded by quite a few really great supporting characters who help round out the story quite nicely Between Gavin trying to find a balance between what he needs to do for his job and his budding relationship with Sunny, this story packs plenty of tension-along with plenty of hot and steamy scenes-and it kept me thoroughly drawn in from start to finish.

It is written well, flowing seamlessly, and you get not only Gavin and Sunny's points of view, but also Max's daughter Callie who's been crushing on Gavin for years. This adds a lot of dimension to the story, making for a richer, fuller tale which is quite satisfying for the reader. A great romance read and a fantastic addition to the author's Heat Wave novels, Last Call was a 5-star read for me.

I can't wait to read the next in the series! Instant chemistry is what happens when Sunny Black mixes drinks. She makes concoctions and they taste like works of art. Life is mostly business with Gavin. Working with the powerful Max Holden, being his right-hand man, and now preparing to take over his position, Gavin has groomed himself for every possibility life throws.

Taking care to make his boss's daughter Callie satisfied is a full time job without his eve Instant chemistry is what happens when Sunny Black mixes drinks. Taking care to make his boss's daughter Callie satisfied is a full time job without his every day expectations. He has done a lot over the years for the man who brought him aboard and keeps giving to him. Gavin feels he owes Max a lot. Life throws a loop when some chemistry is felt beyond the mixtures Sunny makes with the bottles at the bar. She finds out her admirer is not just looking for good times. He is looking to put the building she works in out of commission.

Also, is there a threat to her and Robby's life if she pursues working and maintaining her business?

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  • This book is direct, straight to the point, and full of strong personalities. The main characters are stubborn, sizzling, and ready to get what they want. Boy, will they! They have enough fire to light up a town. But will someone end up hurt? Will this be fatal because someone let their guard down? The author not only has a way with words but keeps you engrossed the entire book.

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    This book gets 4 cups and only because I am comparing it to the first I read from her. It could easily get a higher rating if this was the first novel I read of hers. She sets the bar high. Aug 13, Cafebiblioart rated it liked it. From the moment I finished the first book I wanted to get started on this one. In the beginning I was a little bit disappointed, it was noticeably different from the first one and I had a bit of trouble connecting with the characters, but I kept going and I am glad that I did not give up cause I ended up loving it.

    The plot is complex, well developed and most off well written. The story is very differ From the moment I finished the first book I wanted to get started on this one. The story is very different from the one in the first book just like the characters. Many times we have similar characters if they were created by the same person, but it is not the case here. I believe I had trouble liking it in the beginning because the setting in not my cup of tea.

    The action takes place mostly at a beach bar and the main character is a bartender, Sunny is not as elegant as Kat, but she is just as independent and lovable. Sunny is a strong character, her strength probably comes from the way she was brought up. She is caring and very protective. Gavin also is an alpha male which will probably make your book boyfriend list. He is slightly different from Erik, but just as hot and intense. His life story is different, very different. He is a perfect fit for Sunny. Despite his social position, he is capable of appreciating what life gave him, what he worked so hard from without loosing himself in the process.

    Unlike others, he is unable to do whatever just to seal the deal which I really admire in him. This book, just the first one, is a must read. This is perfect for all of you who enjoy romance with a good plot. Jul 15, Paris rated it really liked it Shelves: , romance , netgalley. After reading the first book in the Heat Wave series, I knew I wanted to continue to see what the author had to offer. Last Call was a great book. I immediately fell for Gavin, even though the opening paints him out as kind of a jerk. And Sunny…she is a fantastic protagonist.

    Together, Gavin and Sunny are smoking hot from the very second she misunderstands his drink order. The story w After reading the first book in the Heat Wave series, I knew I wanted to continue to see what the author had to offer. The story was not what I was expecting. It was nice to learn that they had more in common than one could see from the surface.

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    There were great elements of mystery and suspense that kept me wrapped up in the book even when Sunny and Gavin were apart. She was annoying, obsessive, and a rich little princess. By the end of the book, I actually really liked Callie and I appreciated her character arc from beginning to end. We finally get more Kevin Mazze! Arc provided by the publisher via Netgalley Apr 19, Jen rated it it was amazing. Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous. Last Call is the second book in the Heat Wave series by bestselling author Alannah Lynne and can be read as a standalone since there isn't any direct relation between it and the first book.

    Gavin and Sunny's story was an intriguing one because of the fact that when they met, there was simply this attraction that brought them together, but then there were complications that came quickly. Gavin was torn between doing his job and listening to Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.

    Gavin was torn between doing his job and listening to his instincts. He's been groomed to take over the business, a reason for his boss to push his daughter on him, but Gavin's feeling disillusioned and Sunny represents the change he craves for. This second installment has a touch of suspense thriller mixed into the love story, an interesting twist and one that definitely helps it stand out from its predecessor.

    Gavin and Sunny were a great couple but I admit that Robby Black, Sunny's brother, and Callie Holden, the daughter of Gavin's boss and the girl who's had a crush on Gavin since she was fourteen, were equally as memorable and stole the spotlight a time or two. With Kevin Mazze, a character from book one, being mentioned, Last Call finally ties in with the series, which I like and makes me hope for Gavin and Sunny to be recurring characters.

    Oct 15, Angie rated it it was amazing. I love the details in this book. Alannah is a detail writer and I love that about her stories. This story is about Gavin and Sunny. Sunny thinking she can have hot sex I love the details in this book. Sunny thinking she can have hot sex and walking away after a one night fling suddenly realizes that Gavin is SOOO much more than that. I love the one night fling turned relationship aspect. I like that I was given a past to understand her actions. The love between her and her brother Robby is so rare between siblings.

    By the end of the story I was so proud of her she quickly became one of my favorite characters. A great follow up to Savin Me. May 12, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcs. It can be read as a standalone and out of order from the series. This story focuses on Gavin, who is practically second-in-command at a big development company that develops resorts etc.

    He is sent by his boss to a small outer island town in North Carolina to check out a bar there. At this bar he meets Sunny and falls instantly in lust for this intriguing woman. Sunny has never been the best at flirting and when the stunningly han Last Call by Alannah Lynne is the second book the Heat Wave series. Sunny has never been the best at flirting and when the stunningly handsome Gavin enters her bar she is left stammering at his beauty. Until he laughs at something she said and the tension is gone and they hit it off.

    What both of them fail to realize is that they have been placed at odds with each other since before they even met, and when they each realize that the other is standing in the way of their goals the poop hits the fan, big time. Another smooth, easy read with a pleasant smattering of steam mixed in with intrigue and plot twists. Well-paced and a very enjoyable read. I'm having a heat wave. I'm surprised the kindle didn't go up in flames. Gavin, the second in command for Holden Enterprises has been sent on a recon mission to the Blackout Grill to see if he can get the owner to sell.

    But he thinks he's been sent there to see about replicating the pub. But he's had to take along his bosses spoilt daughter who has a crush on him and her two friends. Sunny Black is the owner and Bartender of the Blackout Grill and will never sell her hard worked for pub that she built with her little brother. After taking care of him since he was 14, this is their home and safe haven. Both attracted to each other from the start the sparks really fly.

    When Gavin sees what his boss wants him to do he struggles and the area has fond memories. Gavin does everything in his power to help Sunny and her brother Robby as he doesn't want to see them hurt and knows he has to do the right thing. This book will leave you hot with all the sexual tension and happy at the outcome. A brilliant book. Nov 21, Indy rated it it was ok. I ended up stopping and starting a new novel before bringing myself back to this one to finish which had me rating 2 stars vs 3.

    It also was really hard to buy into this couple saying ILU after essentially two nights together. Their chemistry was nice and hot but not inherently compelling to believe a instant commitment had formed. I will say that I was surprised by the turn Callie took mid-way through, glad that wasn't the predictable 'villain.

    All the pieces are there for a memorable tale, author definitely has promise, just think structure needs a bit tweaking. Oct 03, Liz rated it it was amazing.