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Impatient with the bulging crowd of monks and villagers, he shouted at the Buddha, "Go away!

The Silly Monkeys, a Buddhist fable – Buddhism now

You just want to take advantage of us! You teachers come here to say a few pretty words and then ask for food and money! But the Buddha was unruffled by these insults. He remained calm, exuding a feeling of loving-kindness. He politely requested that the man come forward. Then he asked, "Young sir, if you purchased a lovely gift for someone, but that person did not accept the gift, to whom does the gift then belong?

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  • The Silly Monkeys, a Buddhist fable – Buddhism now;

The odd question took the young man by surprise. But if I do not accept your curses, if I do not get insulted and angry in return, these curses will fall back upon you—the same as the gift returning to its owner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share: Tweet Pocket. Like this: Like Loading Comments Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

Name required. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The insights that these stories seeded, as time rolled on, flowered into invaluable instructions for those wanting to reach liberation.

7 Zen Stories That Might Just Give You a Glimpse of Enlightenment

Zen stories tend to be humorous, paradoxical, multi-layered, enigmatic, and written in a kind of rascally spirit. Zen can transform your sense of identity , resulting in far less stress and anxiety, a near-inability to be bored, and a distinct tendency to never take life all that seriously.

To help you get there, we dug through old dusty books, half forgotten. We sniffed ancient scrolls, in search for wisdom.

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We gathered the very best Zen stories from the Far East. Savor these 7 parables that point to the ultimate non-insight. The dog would bound ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail, and wait for the next game. On this particular evening, the teacher invited one of his brightest students to join him — a boy so intelligent that he became troubled by the contradictions in Buddhist doctrine.

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Never let the words or symbols get in the way of truth. All our Buddhist words are only guideposts. One day, the master was watching a practice session in the courtyard.

Anger A Buddhist Story

He went up to the young man and tapped him on his shoulder. The teacher and student left the building and walked some distance into the woods until they came upon a stream. The master stood silently on the bank for several moments. Then he spoke.

Does it slam into them out of frustration? It simply flows over and around them and moves on! Be like the water and you will know what harmony is. Soon, he was barely noticing the other students around him. Nothing could come in his way of executing the most perfect moves. Zen Story 3: No Objective World Once there was a monk who specialized in the Buddhist precepts, and he kept to them all his life.

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Once when he was walking at night, he stepped on something. It made a squishing sound, and he imagined he had stepped on an egg-bearing frog. This caused him no end of alarm and regret, in view of the Buddhist precept against taking life, and when he finally went to sleep that night he dreamed that hundreds of frogs came demanding his life. The monk was terribly upset, but when morning came he looked and found that what he stepped on was an overripe eggplant.

In discussion groups he often found that the subject of love became a central topic. Too much anger in combat can lead to recklessness and death. Too much ardor in religious beliefs can lead to close-mindedness and persecution. Too much passion in love creates dream images of the beloved — images that ultimately prove false and generate anger. To love too much is to lick honey from the point of a knife.