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Sort order. Dec 27, Lauren rated it really liked it.

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The next installment in "The Innocents" series just left me wanting more! Mar 17, Layne marked it as wishlist Shelves: not-out-yet , series-love. Jul 19, Krista rated it it was amazing. Well, now what am I supposed to do now? I find it kind of annoying that I have to wait so. I hope that the next book of this series comes soon, because this shit is getting serious.

It's got some pretty surprising plot twists and secrets. With this series, things that seem so solid can be flipped upside down and called a different name, and cha Well, now what am I supposed to do now? With this series, things that seem so solid can be flipped upside down and called a different name, and change things completely. I find that a good trait in this type of book. It sort of keeps me on my toes and keeps me from being too comfortable with something, reminding me that anything could happen. I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with the series so far, and I look forward to the next book.

View 1 comment. Mar 14, Nicole Wang rated it it was amazing. How did into add this before? It sounds SO much more secretive and Revenge like! Jan 13, Brook rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I read the first one the innocents and really enjoyed it. And this one was just as good but alittle slow. Jun 22, Siddhi N rated it really liked it. Nov 01, Brad Sells rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-own. This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, The Innocents. This Side of Jealousy is a stunning sequel that gives off the perfect vibe for not only summer, but an intriguing mystery.

For fans of Revenge and Pretty Little Liars - this sequel delivers! I loved The Innocents so much, and I was definitely excited to jump back into the world of Serenity Point! This seaside town offers so many secrets; it's impossible to put these books down. I tore through these pages, des This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, The Innocents. I tore through these pages, desperate to know what would happen to these sisters. And these sisters have been through it all. Lili Peloquin balanced each sister's personality so well. We have Alice, the quiet and reserved one, and Charlie, the outgoing and wild sister - and since this series switches POVs, I could see how it would be hard to get jumbled up with this duo.

But Peloquin veers away from the norm and wove Charlie and Alice together so uniquely and great. This just added to my ever growing list of why I love these books! Serenity Point is a place I'd love to visit! Its residents harbor many dark and sinister secrets, and many secrets get brought to light in This Side of Jealousy. Sequels can be tricky - you can either build upon the world and make an even more interesting story, or you can stay flat and keep with the same world and characters, not developing them or pushing them forward. Luckily, This Side of Jealousy built upon not only the world, but the characters.

Peloquin built the characters in The Innocents, and in the second novel, she broke them and tore them down. Which is awesome! More problems for Alice and Charlie arise, and this sequel doesn't feel forced or slow. So, so great. The perfect summer read! And it's so easy to get invested into these novels - I sure have. The Innocents series is highly addictive, massively engaging, and overall, a one of a kind revenge story.

But I love how revenge isn't the total feel for this series - there are many tones and undertones: romance, family, friendship. They all play a major part in this series, and when combined, they make for an awesome story. Needless to say, I loved This Side of Jealousy so much!

Overall, This Side of Jealousy is a marvelous sequel that gripped me, enticed me, and never let me go. I can't wait to see where the rest of the series takes us! There is just something about this sleepy seaside town that makes everything seem menacing, somehow. The lives of the ultra-rich and their overindulged teens makes for some interesting reading. Charlie is still adjusting much better to a life of privilege than Alice, who still hangs back a little bit. The secrets that Alice k 3.

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The secrets that Alice keeps about her parentage and her suspicions about Camilla drive her to keep digging into the past, but she keeps her cards very close. Of course, it wouldn't be a Gothic novel without a friend from their old life showing up. Patrick, Alice's best friend and one-time love interest, comes to town and seems to be trying to point out all of the things that are off about the family and their social circle. He was a welcome voice of reason and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him in the next book.

Alice's secret relationship with Tommy was painful to read, at times. She is clearly becoming more and more conflicted and Tommy's shocking reason for keeping their togetherness from everyone just uncovered more questions. With some new characters in the mix, Tommy might not be Alice's only option on the romance front! Charlie's love interest, Jude, become a little more three dimensional in this story.

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He wasn't just a damaged bad boy in this story. Rather, he seems to have actual feelings and motivations other than booze and pills. I really enjoyed This Side Of Jealousy as a guilty pleasure novel. It is well structured, the pacing is great, and the characters are really fun to read. If you love Gothic novels or indulgent mysteries, I really think you should give this series a try. Mar 11, Daphne rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , mystery , old-favorite , romance , i-will-love-this-series-forever , hi-lili , ya-fiction.

Well, their predatory days were over. No more feeding on the weak and helpless for them. They were about to find out how the other half lived, to see what it was like to be damaged instead of damaging. They were about to fall victim to a malignant force, a force that wished to hurt them, scare them, exploit them, violate them, make them snivel and suffer and beg for mercy.

They were about to get theirs. In spades. Fenway is an excitable and endlessly energetic Jack Russell terrier. He lives in the city with Food Lady, Fetch Man, and—of course—his beloved short human and best-friend-in-the-world, Hattie. But when The gripping mafia action continues in this second book of the Cold Fury series; for Found Mickey Bolitar Series 3.

As mysterious clues continue to surface, Mickey is determined to uncover the truth about his father's death. Was it accidental? Or is he Designer clothes. Gorgeous boys. Family secrets. Major drama. The Duke twins and their fabulous Atlanta The Duke twins and their fabulous Atlanta lives are back Twins Sydney and Lauren Duke are the privileged princesses of the Atlanta social scene.

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Just, you know, get in the van and you can hear it, he says. Harry sees that June is in trouble and attacks Steinar with a crowbar.

This Side of Jealousy (Innocents, book 2) by Lili Peloquin

June escapes, but Harry has seemingly killed Steinar in the process. June freaks out. She and Harry move the body into the woods, then head back to a motel to get some rest. So, she goes back to the woods to make sure that the guy is really dead. When she gets to the body, something bizarre happens.

June screams, and soon we see Steinar, staggering out of the woods, and into a gas station bathroom.

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  8. Harry opens it to find Steinar standing before him. Steinar tells Harry not to be afraid, but of course, Harry is very much afraid. He thinks Steinar hurt June, who is now missing. Steinar attempts to explain the truth, to no avail. After a brief altercation, Steinar puts Harry in a headlock and drags him to the bathroom. Will she ever be able to get it back? Episode 2. But before the two can freak out for too long about their bizarre ordeal, June, after being calmed down by Harry, shapeshifts back into her non-bearded self. So, there can be two Steinars in existence, but only one can walk around and speak.

    According to the video, Steinar was sent by Elena to take care of June, and, according to Elena, June can really can trust him. But should we? If Elena and Steinar are with Halverson, maybe not. Is he a mad scientist, or someone actually trying to help the people on his commune? Ryan, who overhears Alf and Steinar talking about June, is worried about his missing sister. She was supposed to call him after she left on her journey with Harry, but never did.

    Christine and her partner Kevin Kamil Lemieszewski also investigate a different break-in — one committed by Steinar and Alf.

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    He really did run away, leaving her to take care of her sickly husband all by himself. The nerve! Something that Christine and Kevin still feel guilt over.

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    June and Harry escape to London, and quickly learn that the accommodations they were set up with are less than desirable. As in, they are definitely staying in a drug den. Luckily, Steinar and Alf are on their trail, which makes the teens book it as fast as possible, leaving their bags behind. He wanted to protect June, or at least stop her from using her shape-shifting power. That also explains the sedatives we saw him mixing into her food earlier. Is John trying to do the right thing by June, or should she go off with Steinar to find her mother? Episode 3. Episode 3 of The Innocents spends far more time focusing on Harry and June than the people searching for them — though Christine, John, and of course Steinar are still in hot pursuit of the couple.

    The couple jaunts off, eventually stumbling across a young man who decides to take them under his wing, or, rather, give them a place to crash on his house boat. There is a catch: When Harry and June wake up, they are informed that they will now need to deal drugs at a nightclub, along with Coachella babe Lil Olivia Fearn. Harry and June take this news rather well, actually. They go off to the club looking like celebrities from , sell a bunch of blue pills, and make out on the dance floor.

    June gets high off her own supply, which is when Lil puts the sexy moves on her. However, in the midst of the sexy dancing, a fight breaks out, causing June stress. That stress leads to you guessed it! Lil passes out, and June-as-Lil runs to the restroom. Harry, who at first was not down to hook up with June-as-Lil, has a change of heart. He eventually is able to use his very soothing voice to calm June down. They kiss — and June returns to her normal, redheaded state. This upsets Elena greatly, which makes me wonder if that video June watched really was of Elena.

    My brain hurts. Episode 4. In another flashback, one that takes place within the first, Halverson is called to a mental institution, where his soon-to-be partner Runa is having a full-on breakdown. When Runa flips out as Halverson interviews her, a physician attempts to calm her down — leading to Runa assuming his body. Back at the bar, Steinar calls bullshit on the story.


    Halverson begs Steinar to come to the car because he has something to show him. He puts her tape in with those documenting her dozens of other sessions. I assume what Halverson is doing is helping these women take control of their emotions, the ones that lead to the dangerous shapeshifting.

    Elena wants to raise June on the property, something that Halverson is fine with and Runa is definitely not.

    The Innocents: How Netflix series explores teenage life by shapeshifting

    Speaking of shapeshifters, June and Harry who looks like Bruno Mars in the club hat he refuses to take off are at the hospital where Lil was admitted. June-as-Debra is pregnant, which is… incredibly confusing and kind of mind-boggling to think about. June shapeshifted into both mother and baby? How is that a thing?

    They are safe here — and June wants to care for the baby. He and Steinar get into a violent scuffle, and Harry and June get away. Harry convinces June that she needs to want to return to her body in order to do so. At least, as far as we know. The Innocents spells out what I assumed was an obvious rule of this shapeshifting game: Skin-to-skin contact, under high-stress circumstances, is what triggers the change. John and Ryan receive a phone call from June, who wants to meet up and talk with them.

    With Harry by her side, June asks her father about her mother. John insists that he loves June and wanted to protect her, which is why he forbade her from having friends and, yes, put sedatives in her food in order to keep her emotions at bay. Am I crazy to think that, actually, this is not the worst plan in the world?