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They were known to carry magical objects such as a hat to make them disappear or club to summon items. This may also be why the creature is also the mascot of the South Korean soccer team, to cause the opposing team to fear the unexpected.

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Gwisin : this is the Korean term for a Ghost. It does not differ greatly from the ghosts that we as a western society are familiar with in that they are usually legless, floating in the air and usually see through. The main difference is that they tend to have long black hair, a creepy stare, wearing white funeral clothes, and are usually female. They can come in other types such as male, or the weirdest is an egg-shaped form with no legs, arms or eyes.

They usually have unfinished business such as revenge , they may fling objects around or cause a chill in the air to gain attention. These ghosts are usually found in abandoned areas, buildings and graveyards.


Popular versions of this type of ghost have been seen in the movies such as The Ring. With no known origins, they haunt mountains and paths. The Dalgyal Gwishin has no discernible emotions or personality. They have no nose, eyes, mouth, or even arms and legs but is egg shaped. It is said that if you see this ghost you will die, so be careful where you travel. Haetae or Haechi : this is probably something you will see a lot of if you visit Seoul. The creature is a bit odd looking with the body and head of a lion, scales covering its entire body and curved horns on its head. This creature is the symbol of the city of Seoul and is also known as a guardian, warding off evil omens.

For this reason, you will see statues of it outside many buildings standing guard in Korea. It has been featured in many Asian dramas, is popular in many different Asian cultures and has been even featured in a popular game League of Legends. The creature in the drama is often portrayed as a woman cursed to be this poor creature and unable to find love unless she entraps some poor man. But the Korean legend is more sinister. They are a fox-like creature that was able to transform into a beautiful woman and lure the man away so they may devour his liver.

If they are able to refrain from eating human flesh for a thousand days they will no longer transform back into a fox and stay a human forever. Gumiho are the foxes that lived more than years and transform into women to seduce men so they can eat their liver or heart.


Did you know about this urban legend? Moon Rabbit : Jade Rabbit this is a rabbit that was found by looking at the formation of the craters in the moon. It started as a Chinese legend and was taken on and changed in Korean folklore. The rabbit is now a symbol of the mid-autumn festival Chuseok and is said to be pounding its pestle for rice cake. To see the version of how the rabbit came to be in the moon click here. These are only a few of my favourite creatures that I picked to share with you. There are many more creatures of legend in Korea as well as creation legends that one could share.

The culture of Korea is so full of interesting stories that you will never be bored learning about them. Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. Alternatively use it as a simple call to action with a link to a product or a page. The Myths and Legends of Korea. View this post on Instagram.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Older Post. Newer Post. Be the first to know! Get updates on sneak peeks, offers, and giveaways! Close esc Popup. Bruce Golding Prime Minister Jamaica, and indeed the world, have lost another great music pioneer with the passing this morning of Byron Lee, one of the greatest bandleaders ever to grace the entertainment stages of the world. Portia Simpson Miller opposition leader He brought a level of organisational discipline to music that was unprecedented.

He is gone but his work will always be remembered. Olivia Grange minister of culture with responsibility for entertainment Undoubtedly, Jamaica has lost another of its great sons of our music and culture. Lisa Hanna opposition spokesperson on culture Today, we mourn with all Jamaicans, as we remember him for his scintillating rhythms, honest lyrics, discipline, professionalism, bold talent and intense passion for entertaining Walk good, Dragon, you will forever be etched in the rhythm of our hearts.

Alison Hinds soca artiste He was the person who brought carnival to Jamaica. It's gonna be different but his spirit is gonna be there.

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There were times when he was particularly low that he would just want to be near the music and feel the vibes. I wish him well on his journey. David Rudder soca artiste Byron was one of the fathers of Caribbean music. In terms of artistes, he brought all the artistes from different islands together.

He was someone I could talk to and get advice from. The first time he brought carnival to Jamaica, I was there. We had a strong connection, not just a musical vibe. Byron Lee was a fixture in Trinidad. Destra garcia soca artiste I've known that he has been ill for a while.

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  8. The last time I spoke with him was earlier this year at carnival. All my prayers were with him and I wished he could have lasted a bit longer. His music has been a great influence, especially on the ragga soca style. He's a legend and I know he will live on for years and years. The young persons who did not know him through experience, like me, will know him through his music.

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