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How to book the practical driving test and how much does it cost? I would like to thank you for your book A Byte of Python which i myself find the best way to learn python. I am a 15 year old i live in egypt my name is Ahmed. Python was my second programming language i learn visual basic 6 at school but didn't enjoy it, however i really enjoyed learning python. I made the addressbook program and i was sucessful. I will also start on learning java and if you can tell me where to find a tutorial as good as yours for java that would help me a lot.

It is well-written, easy to follow, and may be the best introduction to Python programming available. Yesterday I got through most of Byte of Python on my Nokia N and it's the easiest and most concise introduction to Python I have yet encountered. Highly recommended as a starting point for learning Python. Byte of Vim and Python by swaroopch is by far the best works in technical writing to me. Excellent reads FeelGoodFactor -- Surendran.

The Book Byte of python was very helpful.. Thanks bigtime : Chinmay. Always been a fan of A Byte of Python - made for both new and experienced programmers. I started learning python few days ago from your book.. The very reason I wanted to learn Python is it's popular people are talking about it and powerful reality. This book written by Mr.

Swaroop is a very good guide for both brand-new programmers and new python programmers. Took 10 half days to go through it. Great Help! Thank you ever so much for this book!! This book cleared up many questions I had about certain aspects of Python such as object oriented programming. I do not feel like an expert at OO but I know this book helped me on a first step or two.

I have now written several python programs that actually do real things for me as a system administrator. They are all procedural oriented but they are small by most peoples standards. Again, thanks for this book. Thank you for having it on the web. I just want to thank you for writing the first book on programming I've ever really read. Python is now my first language, and I can just imagine all the possibilities.

So thank you for giving me the tools to create things I never would have imagined I could do before.

What are Computers for Kids - Intro to Computers - Programming for Kids

Needless to say, I am a beginner in the programming world, a couple of months of self study up to this point. Can't wait to read and learn more!! Thank you so much for not only writing the book, but for putting it under the creative commons license free. I wrote you back in and I was just getting into Python and wanted to thank you for your tutorial "A Byte of Python".

Without it, I would have fallen by the wayside. Since then I have gone on to program a number of functions in my organization with this language with yet more on the horizon. I would not call myself an advanced programmer by any stretch but I notice the occasional request for assistance now from others since I started using it. Of course, there was no explanation for this arrangement of operators and I fell on my head trying to make sense of what was on the written page. As I recall it was a most frustrating exercise which I eventually abandoned.

Just as computers will not be able to understand a computer word or computer symbol that is outside the syntax for the language being used, a student new to any field will not grasp his subject if he encounters words or symbols for which there are no definitions. You get a "blue screen" as it were in either case. The solution is simple, though: find the word or symbol and get the proper definition or symbol and lo and behold,the computer or student can proceed. Your book was so well put together that I found very little in it I couldn't grasp.

So, thank you. I encourage you to continue to include full definitions of terms. The documentation with Python is good, once you know, the examples are its strength from what I see but in many cases it seems that you have to know in order to understand the documentation which to my mind is not what should be. Third party tutorials express the need for clarification of the documentation and their success largely depends on the words that are used to describe the terminology.

I have recommended your book to many others. Some in Australia, some in the Caribbean and yet others in the US. It fills a niche no others do. There are several other rooms you can buy, too. You can build anything from organic chemistry and DNA models to windmills to solar powered motors. If you join this STEM Club your child will receive an amazing toy every month that will allow them some serious hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math learning.

They could receive anything from an electronic lab kit to gear-filled windmill kit. For our tweens and teens there is Lego Technic. This set guides your child through building a one-person helicopter, but there are so many more! My oldest son has the car that you can pull back and let it run forward.

This is a legit robot. It has sensors in it to help it perform tasks like obstacle avoidance and line-follow. It is easy to build and can be controlled by remote or smartphones. Plus you can code, for real, on the mBlockly App which is a great beginning coding platform. This kit is so awesome. As it teaches you how to build one thing, you are learning how to build anything you want. You can b uild doodling robots and power electric model cars. Plus you can take the motor that comes with this kit and add it to your Legos!

Home computer - Wikipedia

This is such a cool toy! And then they can race them with their friends. This is a great for learning about STEM while having a really fun time. This kit has everything your child needs to build a real FM radio receiver. They even get to solder their circuits to the circuit board which will help them build the confidence they need to start building their own computers. Is truly amazing. Your tween can actually build their own computer.

And then they can play the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft. This toy was the Tech Toy of the Year in It teaches kids how technology works and empowers them to invent their own tech items. The kit comes with incredibly detailed instructions and the Lego pieces needed to connect with the Legos you already have to make these machines. This is a challenging word game that helps kids build their vocabulary and pattern recognition skills.

It is a fun game to connect over during your family game night. Fun and challenging! This is a hands-on logic puzzle that teaches kids about grit, problem solving, and critical thinking. And because it is paper, you can take it anywhere to fight off boredom. I fell in love with these escape room games back in the late s when the internet was young and so was I. They went from the computer into the real world. And now they are coming into your home. This kit comes with 4 scenarios complete with rooms, clues, puzzles, and a countdown.

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A whole new way to do family game night. Your child can now b uild their own safe with a real working combination-lock. The kit comes with wood that they assemble to make not only the safe, but the locking mechanism. It teaches about engineering, problem solving, and logic.

This is just like the puzzle box in the book The Da Vinci Code. You line up the letters to make a word and unlock the box.

Gifts that Encourage Learning

Inside the box you can put money, a clue to a large puzzle, or something else as a gift to your child. This toy develops their grit, problem solving skills, and creative thinking. A different kind of puzzle box that acts as the gift wrapping as well as the gift. You stick money inside of it and to unlock it your child has to roll the ball around through the maze to the trigger slot. Then they can save the box to keep their most precious treasures safe and secure. This is such a complex puzzle cube, it will keep your child busy for hours and hours. And along the way it will help them develop grit and tenacity, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence.

A real must-have if you have a kid interested in scientific discovery. This kit comes with ready-made slides, two different strengths of optic lenses, plus blank slides so your kids can mount their own tiny objects. This is an amazing electronics kit. It contains the base component you need for some very serious devices, like servos and computer boards. This is really everything you need if your child is serious about engineering and computers.

The stories are written by famous authors and by kids just like your child. Who knows? Maybe your child will become a published author! Kindle puts a whole library in your pocket. Your child can bring all their favorite books, magazines, and comic books on any trip or outing. Kindle has a special print technology that prevents eye strain and can be read in the dark or in low light. One of the best gifts my oldest ever got was a subscription to a comic book. It comes every month reminding him that he is special.

When it arrives he rips open the package and immediately reads it. Then he wants to go to the library and check out more books. This one clips right to their book, allowing them to read in the bed or in the car after dark. Plus it can straighten out and serve as a bookmark. Has your child ever dreamed about writing their own comic book? Lulu Jr. This is an page template that guides them through drawing and writing their own comic book story. And then you send it off to be professionally published.

A great book can hook kids into being a life-long book lover. John Green is the author of several fantastic books, one of which is The Fault in our Stars. It has a captivating story with characters children can empathize with. And when they finish this book they can go on to another John Green book. Do you have a reluctant reader? One secret is audiobooks. A skilled narrator reads the books and makes the book feel more interactive. The Harry Potter series has a wonderful narrator who does all the voices and dramatizes the book. Once they have heard the book, kids might feel more able to sit down and read it.

It has the same breathless action and complex plots as his earlier works. In this book we are introduced to the Roman side of the gods and the complications of unlikely team work. They are full of action, rich characters, and engaging plot. If your child is a fan of fantasy these are great books to give a try. This is a captivating look at the gods and culture of Ancient Egypt. In this trilogy they team up with others to fight an ancient evil by using their magic and their intelligence.

Jenny Han is reviving the genre of teen romance. I found them all funny, touching, and uplifting. These are more of self-help kind of books than novels. They guide kids through a series of activities and instructions for how to control their intense emotions. These books can help. Other books help with overcoming OCD , anxiety and more. Our middle school uses this as part of their literacy groups.

As she shares them with her neighbors and the Jewish man her family is hiding. She is also bringing them hope. I cried when I read Wonder. It teaches children about empathy, trust, and friendship while they read the incredible story of August Pullman. Friendship is a wondrous and precious thing. This book tells the story of four friends — Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen—who share everything with each other; even a special pair of pants. Hinton wrote this book when she was only 16 years old. It made writing a book seem possible to my 12 year old self and not something reserved only for adults.

The story is captivating as you follow Ponyboy come of age as he tries to navigate a world in which he and his friends are outsiders. Ghost is the story about what happens when a kid meets the right mentor at the right time. It is inspirational and leaves the reader with an uplifting feeling and a desire to read more. It deals with coming of age, the burden of being gifted, and learning how to stand up for what you believe in.

This is a wonderful example of how a graphic novel can delicately illustrate the issues of race and growing up in America. It also is a touching story of how four kids from different backgrounds can become the best of friends. This is perfect for kids who might be reluctant to read a long novel, but who we, as parents, want to read about deeper topics.

Looking for more books? Got a child who resists reading? Gently pull them into the world of books by letting them listen instead of reading.