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Therapeutic interventions such as pain relief, administration of fluid or oxygen support might be indicated and justified.

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If spontaneous circulation returns but the patient remains unconscious and dies after days or weeks of intensive care treatment, this process means a heavy burden for all involved. However, the prognosis can rarely be determined at the time of arrest. If in doubt about the appropriateness of CPR, resuscitative measures should be initiated according to the rule: in dubio pro vita. Information concerning the consequences of CPR cannot be disclosed.

Consent to administer CPR is presumed. Advanced directives written by the patient might help to estimate his or her preferences. How to honor advanced directives in emergency cases remains controversial. In many instances such documents are not available. Therefore, due to the lack of time physicians often have to act as surrogate decision makers who initiate resuscitative efforts first and ask questions thereafter.

With respect to the preservation of life as one of the main goals of medicine we have to accept the ethical dilemma that CPR is performed in a number of patients although retrospectively it turns out to have been inappropriate or unwanted. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.

DE4137475C2 - Flat-ring seal - Google Patents

Ethische Aspekte bei der Reanimation. Authors Authors and affiliations M. Mohr D. Summary Since the introduction of modern techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR in the early s, many victims of cardiac arrest have been saved. The standardized external dimensions of the flat ring seals do not need to be changed, although the effective sealing surface compared to conventional flat ring seals is significantly reduced.

In combination with the rim of sheet metal of the inner region an unexpectedly high sealing effect is achieved in particular to gaseous supplies and high corrosion stability.

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Accordingly, the reduction in the thickness of the outer portion, the surface pressure of the inner region and the cross-section of increased tightness is considerably improved. Both areas of the new flat ring seal made from a piece of the same sealing material.

Therefore, the manufacturing is particularly simple and rational: either the flat-ring seals are punched from a sheet of seal material material and precompressed in a second operation, the outer portion by means of a pressing tool in the desired manner or by using a combined punching and pressing tool, so that the manufacturing so far is done in a single operation.

In einem weiteren Arbeitsgang wird die metallische Einfassung vorgenommen. In a further operation, the metallic enclosure is made.

This expansion of capabilities is achieved at higher operating pressures. Der Dichtungswerkstoff besteht vorzugsweise aus Graphit. The sealing material is preferably made of graphite. For special applications, the new flat ring seal on metallic deposits. Solche sind an sich bekannt.

DE4418973A1 - A process for preparing molecularly uniform hyper hemoglobins - Google Patents

Such are known per se. The flat ring gasket is made of graphite as a sealing material and includes a metallic insert of a perforated structured sheet 1 of 0. It is divided into an outer portion 2 and an inner portion 3, which are concentric to each other and pass over into each other chamfers 4. The inner rim 5 of the flat ring gasket is provided with a metallic enclosure 6 of sheet metal of 0. Flat sealing ring according to one of claims 1 to 3, characterized in that the sealing material is graphite.

Flat ring seal according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized by a metallic insert 1. DE DEC2 en DEC2 en.

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Improved gasket having multiple regions of different densities and thicknesses and method of manufacturing same. DEA1 en. EPB2 en.

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EPB1 en. Method and device and press-fitting for manufacturing a perfect, leak-proof junction of pipes. DEC1 en. DET2 en.

DEB4 en. EPA1 en. EPA2 en.