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At one point in time, it seemed like nothing could prevent my cookies from selling.

Is A Cookie Business A Good Idea?

My cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious… for about a day or two. I take a lot of steps to make sure my cookies come out just right. Sure, the chocolate chip cookies at your local grocery store could make good air hockey pucks, but you can get 3 dozen of them for five bucks! All of these factors often lead to one thing: little to no profit.

The farmers market closes and you still have 4 dozen cookies unsold? Now you have to factor in expenses, like market fees, ingredients, samples, equipment, packaging, labels, taxes, licenses, insurance, etc. Personalized and custom decorated cookies, like custom cakes, have a much higher perceived value. Best of all, custom cookies can have a special wow factor that leads to automatic word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

If you have the market for it, this kind of cookie business can work. Until I analyze the market , consider my costs, determine a fair price, and start selling to learn if enough people will pay it, I cannot know that my cookies would make a good business.

What would you pay? I do love making and eating cookies, and will continue to do so, but the response to my chocolate fudge was a dozen times better. I was considering cookies because I too get comments to sell them. But time is valuable too and I would want to do something that is a good use of time and money..

How to Start a Cookie Business From Home |

And how does one sell in the cold months if the state only allows sales from farm markets and road side stands which is my understanding in Indiana. I saw a pie documentary on PBS once that showed a mother making pies in her home in Indiana. She had put a table in her yard as a makeshift stand. She got orders on the phone and online and she would meet the customer at the table to sell the pie there. It is harder in Indiana due to the venue restrictions. But it is still possible to do well at farmers markets alone. There is no blanket answer for what you should sell, as it depends on what people want in your area.

You might consider going to the farmers market and simply asking people what they wish was at the market. Or talk to vendors, and see if they have ideas. You will probably find that people are very helpful, and making something that people in your area want is a key factor to success. I appreciate this information so much!

How to start a cookie business from home

You make great points and have opened up my eyes as to why cookie businesses fall flat, again thanks! Thanks for the article!


I am also considering a CFO soon. Thanks for the insight and research. How do I start? Contact your local insurance provider for an appropriate plan to cover the maximum liabilities. As you will be planning to start your cookie business from home and use your kitchen for the business purpose, so you need to get approval from legal forums to use the residential kitchen for the business purpose. You may need to do some changes in the kitchen, so check the requirement in prior and do the necessary changes for the inspection.

How to Start an Edible Cookie Dough Business

You may even need to get the place inspected in regular interval. A good quality micro oven is the most important equipment required to start a cookie business from home. So buy a good quality oven from the market which is specialized in cookie making. Quality is the strongest point of home-based food, so always use high graded raw materials and equipment. Go for quality check at regular intervals. You can try different recipes with cookies also along with various designs.

More Than One Cookie In The Jar

Check out online about various new designs and use your ideas to invent something new. There are various ways that you can sell you cookies like you can start your own cookie store or sell cookies online. You can even contact wholesalers or sell directly to retailers.

The choice will depend on the scale of the business and state laws too. You can use social media for free promotion by posting the pictures of your cookies online or even distribute free sample cookies to your friends and family and retail outlets to spread the word of you taking steps in the business. Cookie business from home is a nice idea to utilize your free time at home and earn some extra money out of the hobby of cooking and baking.

You can also do it on a part-time basis. Home Based Business Ideas. Love to Bake? Cookie business from home is a great idea to make some extra bucks using your culinary skills. Find out what you need to do starting a cookie business. Nabanita Kundu. Publisher Name. Related Posts. Google serves cookies to analyse traffic, Personalized Ads to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose..