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His body was found on Aug. He had been shot through the back of head and stabbed in the heart.

Rock​-​N​-​Roll Murder

There was nothing aggressive or nasty about him at all. The ensuing panic-driven narrative had even had hippies buying guns, but police were dismissive of this angle.

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These precursors to the more infamous Tate-Labianca murders were botched shakedowns of drug dealers by Manson and company that ended in extreme violence. By late summer, he had witnessed a knifing on Lyon Street, and saw a beat cop flee a shooting near the Haight. He soon hightailed it to Topanga Canyon.

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It was reported that the coffin was filled with the hair shorn from several beards and two kilograms of weed. The Summer of Love was over, but the murder of Superspade went unsolved.

Introducing Disgraceland, A Rock ‘n’ Roll True Crime Podcast

We are frustrated by the limited and reductive way some male critics write about women artists. But I am equally frustrated about the dominance of the white male voice in music criticism. However, thankfully, I do see that standard being actively challenged right now. You profile the first black female percussion group in Brazil. She sat in on their rehearsals, attended their performances — she wanted to look at their immense skill and dedication and explore what it means to take up space as black female artists in a country that is failing them.

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Just before the piece was published, Bolsonaro won. We love the feature on the best TV song moments. Can you tell us what your favourite song moment is in TV, and why? Juliette: For its enduring comedic value, my personal favourite does have to be the Marissa vs Trey shooting scene in The OC, hence why I made it the main image.

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    Isabella: That was actually a pitch we received from the writer, Marta Djordjevic herself. It has everything: skiing, the super-rich, French pop music, famous neighbours, small town bickering, People Magazine, Hunter S. Thompson and, of course, murder! What is kawaii and why are they moving away from it?

    What Killed Rock & Roll? (Hint: It Wasn't Hip Hop)

    Isabella: Kawaii means cute in Japanese, but it also refers to a quite rigid standard of beauty that women in Japan are supposed to live up to. Chai are actively trying to disassemble this within their music, redefining what they consider cute through super fun, frenetic punk anthems about loving your imperfections. We ask Jaap Biemans, a judge for the Stack Awards, to run through his year in covers.

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