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Glue could be drawn from hooves. Tribal regalia is adorned with feathers, bone breast plates and necklaces made of animal teeth. Parts of the animal were eaten as soon as they were killed, and some was dried and saved for later.

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The federal government has a repository in Denver for tribes to legally obtain eagle feathers. The Comanche Nation in Oklahoma and a wildlife rescue organization near Phoenix distribute feathers from hawks, falcons and other birds to members of federally recognized tribes. In Arizona, the items highest in demand are tortoise shells.

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The Arizona program appears to be unique in the West. Alaska accommodates requests for wildlife from Native people on a case-by-case basis. The society purchased four freezers for Arizona.

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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sign up for our free e-newsletter:. Sunday, 30 June The ban does not apply to semi-processed timber such as beams, planks and parquet, or finished goods such as furniture.


Shortly after the law was passed, authorities announced the seizure of 1, containers of logs at another northern port, Nacala, in early December. It was the largest haul of illegal timber confiscated in Mozambique, and was believed to be headed for China. The logs now waiting to be exported from Pemba harbour were dispatched by local shipping agent Gardino J Txopela, and the containers are under the name of Yu Gaing. Logs piled high in the Mofid-Pen Pai yard, ready to be loaded into containers.

Mofid was implicated in illegal logging in and its timber exploration licence was cancelled by the Cabo Delgado Agriculture Department, but the company has continued operating via associated companies such as Henderson International, Jian International and Kam Wam.


An employee who did not want to be named said she is buying up all the illegal timber seized by the agriculture and environment department agents at the Pemba check points. Mofid has been linked by sources in the Quirimbas National Park to leaders of the ruling Frelimo party and to government ministers involved in the timber looting. The provincial services of Forestry and Wildlife of Cabo Delgado and of Land, Environment and Rural Development are the main agencies providing technical evaluation of management plans, issuing licences and permits for hunting, enforcing forestry concession laws, and overseeing forest operations like the movement of forest products, including the entry into the port of produce for export.

At the Agriculture Department the revenues fall into the hands of a corrupt network of functionaries at both state level and various networks in the districts and communities.

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They accept illegal payments to help operators and traders like Mofid bypass the regulations. Bomar Rissen, a ship flying the Marshall Islands flag, arrived in the harbour on Sunday, 8 January Over the past weekend Mofid was trying to get its cargo inside Pemba harbour to be exported. The logs have no documents, no permits to be exported and that is why we are waiting for the money to pay them. The drivers also believed that other products such as ivory might be part of the cargo ready to be shipped exported abroad. People from Mofid are struggling to prevent the customs service from opening the containers.

On January 5 another cargo was expected, of containers to be delivered to Pemba harbour.