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They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Most people long to obtain what they consider their greatness but lack the tools and insight to recognize it and appreciate it. The Mission of Season of Greatness is to help individuals from all walks of life understand what their Season of Greatness looks like and how to achieve it.

Are you ready to step into your Season of Greatness? Let's talk! Season of Greatness. What do you think holds people back from greatness?

Discovering Your Greatness Now

Paula, you are so right. Do something now! People never decide not to work toward their goals, they just decide not to do it today. A very insightful post.

Finding Your Meaning of Life - Inspirational Video

Some of your points fly in the face of common sense. Though when I reflect on them , I see their relevance to our times. Points 3, 5 and 10 make my day! Rock stars, sports stars, mega CEOs are all celebrated because of their individual accomplishments. I feel as though comparing services, as if one is more noble than another, can backfire on us. How did the rock start or the sports star become a star? Answer: they provided pleasure, distraction, inspiration, uplift.

And many of these stars are also involved in charities and person:person outside their public persona. I think it is important to make a distinction between a strictly ego-based, intellectual desire, and one that serves our heart, and WHO we are, and our highest interest and joy. Some folks are on this planet to uplift millions at a time in their own way, while some are better at one:one, and there are all types in between.

Personally I find it limiting to think that a brand of service that I am comfortable with ought to fit everyone. Interesting observations, Mark.

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And you are to be envied for the types of people you attract to your coaching sessions! Are the people on reality TV serving us? Is the Internal Revenue Service serving us? And what about the banks who served us by giving subprime mortgages? I think what Dan had in mind when he referred to service, and what I envision, is giving of ones self. As for the Internal Revenue, Subprime, and reality stars? I believe what we CALL self-sacrifice is a willing act of service connected to who we are and our highest joy, for which we are not receiving material compensation.

That said, a heart-connected act of services uplifts the uplifter… it does not sacrifice them in any way. It serves them in a special, soulful way… that is the distinction. There is no true altruism in the sense that we can act for another without self-benefit. It is not possible. It IS possible to go through the motions of service without feeling connected, and this act is a travesty of what truly connected, high service would look like. In such a case, the receiver might receive some benefit, but not nearly the level of impact that might have come from a truly connected giver.

I get tremendous uplift from that—from seeing their face when the see me, from the insights I get and from the perspective I get when I see how some people are forced to live, etc. This brings us back to my initial comment about what society values. I think that your real-world scenarios are excellent examples of the choices we face on a daily basis, so let me leave you with a thought that I hope will cut through all the semantics: I believe that regardless of what we choose, the choice is OURS, and we always choose the choose we think will bring an improvement of some kind.

I run an open-ended exercise in my workshops that in a sense allows the the individual to discover this fact.

The Best Life Possible

I put them through a process wherein they uncover this for themselves. They are not guided in anyway to their conclusion, but thus far, no individual has come away from the exercise with a different idea. It is quite illuminating to witness. What is exciting to one person is taxing to another, yet all of us have basic needs so that we stay healthy and I believe that includes having balance as it relates to the individual. There is a lot of research out there about how we get addicted to adrenaline and it feels good at first but later because of the lack of balance it creates health problems.

From my understanding, we will get out of balance occasionally because of our passions, or because of what life throws at us, but the moment we justify the lack of balance and avoid meeting basic needs is the time we start making excuses for being too cranky, or too hard to deal with. Even the body tries to come back into balance after healing from an illness.

Marlene, LOL… I made a similar point about getting back to balance quickly in an earlier post. I find myself reconsidering my own point, thus: knowing HOW to get back to center or coherence quickly is key, however, part of me now wonders if exercising this ability at the appropriate time is also key. Using my walking example… the controlled fall… it is all a delicate question of timing that we take for granted. Every ancient civilization had a Rune or symbol for chaos… that is how important it is to creative change. My suspicion is that and I am going to work this further , arbitrarily getting back to coherence as quick as we can may cut short our ability to innovate and create lasting solutions… that there is an appropriate time that we just KNOW we need to make new sense of the disruption, and if we do so before that time we may short-change an important process.

Now I am thinking that appropriate time is just after accepting that chaos is here, and is serving us, and has offered us a new opportunity. What an inspiring list! I find Point No. I also like the idea of serving others which would fetch self-satisfaction and help to all those who can benefit with your knowledge, experience, wisdom or monetary support. So glad you found it useful. Is the balance conversation over? So, it could be a sign of the times we are living in that balance has become controversial.

I loved how imbalanced the content became as a result of this point. Thanks for stirring it up and enriching the dialogue! An important poitn.

The key to unlocking your GREATNESS is knowing your life's purpose.

A true mark of a champion. Thanks for the great list!

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Great article. I specifically like how you recognise and put the role of discontent right up front. Totally a key factor to leadership, also that it should be matched with unshakeable optimism. I cannot really agree with your view on focus vs balance though. See the picture of the climber you posted at the top of the article? That climber is BOTH totally focused and in balance. In fact one unbalanced moment will lead to failure.

Embrace Your Greatness

Losing focus will certainly lead to a fall. How is it possible though? Can balance and focus be married? Yes, if you are purpose driven and all your goals are contained under the umbrella of that life vision. And lastly, if you understand that a leader does not do it alone, he is by definition only the catalyst, the glue and the guiding force behind the vision.

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The key to unlocking your GREATNESS is knowing your life's purpose.

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