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Nevertheless, the com- first place; Abraham Gonzalez, Ms. In second grade, in Cantu, third place. Regalado, firstbut it was just as exciting for tioned inside the school, where cause it came from Santa, as Vasquez, first place; Angelina jardo, first place; Bella Sierra, place; Mrs. Salinas, secondthe little ones in attendance, their eager eyes were transfixed close or far from what their ex- Martinez, second place; Diego second place; Valeria Gonzalez, place; Mrs. Guajardo, thirdwaiting in the pick up area for on the gifts that the hog-riding isting expectations of him were Salinas, third place.

In Earth third place. In Earth category; place. Congratulations to allsome kind of excitement they Claus and his host of helpers or not. All winnersIndeed, this version of Santa them. The anxious gaze of their group of guests, the taste of the Alonso. In Physical category; Pena, third place. We thank all parents forfrom their rides a good collec- at the packages and presents.

Acevedo, third place. In fourth ond place. In first grade, in the assisting your children in thetion of sacks — filled with good- Several students lined up, gath- grade; Hector Gonzalez, first Life category; Vicente Alvarez, participation of a school-wideies for little boys and girls, of place in Life category. In Phys- first place; Ivan Garcia, sec- project. Thus, we look forward ical category; David Gonzalez, ond place; Josue Bahena, third to future success at the district first place; Gabriel Diaz, sec- place.

In Earth category; Angel science fair. Pre-K students from Ms. Bor- rego, Ray Rodriguezdiet so that he can fit in his suitbefore Christmas.

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The studentsput so much time and effortinto the play to ensure it wasentertaining and comical forTabasco Elementary Celebrateseveryone. Student coun- Tabasco Elementary Mexico; second grade created Each grade level had unique a tree based on Germany; first elements in their trees thatber. The student council mem- beled.

I learned elementary age students should created a tree based on South tree included a constructionAnnual Coat Drive and make ementary the school to make that helping others make me embrace. Also, special popula- of the Leaning Tower of Pisait even better. They decided the largest donation to La Joya feel happy and proud. I would Tabasco Elementary stu- tions teachers were given the — complete with pizza-themed dents put their creativity and task of creating a United States- ornaments.

Stu- like to help others more often. The trees are filled with complete fiesta-in-a-tree. It was a total hit! Each grade level was tasked student-created ornaments and Thank you to all students and with decorating a tree based on other elements, and the stu- teachers for creating an impres- a different nation. Maria Palmira Mendiola Elementary School conducted an activity for the second year, where both parent and child to collaborate on decorating a cake. Students and parents pre-ordered their cakes for the December Ornament Cake Activity.

Maria Tristan, served as cake decorator lead- er, modeling to parents and students how to decorate their cakes. Parents joined their child by assisting them to add frosting and decorations to their cake as they were being shown each step. There were also students that worked co- Pictured is Mr. Juan Sanchez with gifts operatively on decorating their Student helping one another and have a great time, during their cake orna- Ho! In true Christ- cafeteria where Mr.

Many ment decortion. The students relocating to Alaska he is do- on this activity. They would letthis Holiday Season Mr. Juan and their parents were over- ing very well, but still holds a their child take the cake shareSanchez, who is a parent of a come with excitement upon strong connection to the com- the cake with their class duringformer student, donated an un- seeing gifts being presented to munity of Palmview, Texas and their Winter Celebration.

Stu-disclosed amount of money to them. Laughter, joy, and peace wanted to spread Christmas dents also had a great time dec-be spent on Christmas gifts for were emotions that filled the cheer at the campus where his orating their cakes and weresome of the needy families at hearts of the needy families. Our proud of the final product. Paredes Elementary. Because Mr. Sanchez was overjoyed to sincere thanks and gratitude Mendiola staff members had aof his kindness and generosity, present the gifts to the fami- goes out to Mr.

Juan Sanchez. Every mem- He is a living representation of their own children during thea brighter and happier Christ- ber including parents of these what this Christmas season is activity. The product may havemas this Season. The families eight families was able to open really about. The J. K dual language that an area of great need was out the day through the use ofLorenzo De Zavala Hosted Their Annual Boys Conferencesecond grade teachers were writing.

They were entitled ronyms during their writing grade teachers also added that On December 20th , Lo- among others. Sessions like and to inspire them to reach forto this grant by the La Joya assignments as a consequence the materials purchased with renzo De Zavala hosted their Failing Forward provided stu- their goals.

In its dents with insight on how to Middle School would like toFoundation. Teachers were of technology now in modern ly that- CAPTIVATE students 6th consecutive year, our 8th transform failures into posi- thank our male speakers forintrigued when they heard day society. They wrote this desire to write. To conclude, grade boys participated in six tive experiences and promote making this event a true suc-the La Joya ISD has such or- grant in hopes of enchanting they want all of their fellow col- different sessions with topics wisdom.

The Boys Conference cess. An action plan writing materials. On December 20th Loren- mentary was selected as an to enhance language and liter- Ms. It helps studentshosted their sixth annual 8th School. She says she would like more li-Alda Benavides, Dr. Gisela ine Nation. The award is given Gonzalez who keeps students censes to be able to enroll moreSaenz and Dr. Anysia Trevi- to schools that meet rigorous engaged in the program. She students in the program. Ana Lilyat the conference. They spoke student for an entire school sures that the 2nd and 3rd Gonzalez, the students and staffabout the power of persever- year.

Henry B. Gonzalez Ele- grade students who are en- at Henry B. She tracks their progress and — Helping Everyone Achieveers and daughters. Their mes- Imagine Nation is an instruc- communicates results with the Our Dreams! Gisela Saenz, Dr. Gonzalez for their high weekly usage of the computer-based program. Amazing,Fearless Leadership, Girls onFire, and Teen Dating Violencewere life alerting sessions forour young ladies and this couldnot have been possible withoutour gracious female presenters. Our Turn to Serve, a De key areas that make up a rel- school, their communities, and Congratulations goes out to be called, silence overwhelms prize.

We want to thank eachZavala Middle School Student evant and successful student their world. These two lucky name. Out of over students entire 6-weeks and is eager tociation of Student Councils pact their school. Gonzalez Elementary who had perfect attendance, learn. As a basket. Excitement overfilled every single day. TASC is the largest student across the state, student council who recognized the need at the entire campus impatiently their faces as they smiled all thecouncil association in the members with the volunteer as- the Los Ebanos Cemetery, my awaits to see if their name will way to the stage to claim theirworld, and the projects recog- sistance of their advisors raise Principal, Magda Villarreal,nized at its Middle Level con- the funds necessary to con- who was willing to roll up herference represent the projects duct projects and support their sleeves and work hard to makewith the greatest community schools and communities.

The students communities and their lives ing. Through their co-curric-were recognized for earning through service to others and ular activities, student councilhonors in the Top 5 Project participation in the democrat- members serve their commu-and Top 5 Video categories. It was der the guidance of exception- erans buried at the cemeterytruly a moving and rewarding al Student Council advisors. In cils and their students for their new bikes. They are the winners of a drawing for having perfect attendance during the 3rd six weeks at Henry B.

While the effort is dis- huge gift-giving event. It is a The work begins well before trict wide, it has a special privilege to be able to give to the big day. Once the helping people who are not as Sponsor. Council Historian. El hecho de haberse hearts of many at Juarez-Lincoln High School families. Finalmente fue Elementary lives by this. Bris- having already read close to Creative Writing, Dictionaryinvestigaciones realizadas por le puesto sia says that the one thing that , words. However, her skills and Spelling. She count. When asked what moti- op these skills. Of actress.

El sher- irrumpieron a tiros el lugar. Cuando el traductor culos. El sheriff le dijo. Karen Rice University and became the exploration, Dr. Lozano invites N. Cavazos 5th grade fore, find it difficult to teach concepts and skillful practicesLozano. Lozano has an first female to receive a Doctor- parents and students to sub-understanding of our students ate in Mechanical Engineering.

This evening ed to find that their proposed manipulatives in math and middle and high school math-today-socio economically dis- that are ready to take part in proved to be an exciting andadvantaged, language barrier, 21st century careers in the field adventurous experience fortraveling back and forth to of engineering. Students and students and parents. The mission isMexico, etc. As she overcame parents were given the oppor- nipulatives to the La Joya ISD activities extends their cur- to ensure all students are pre- Educational Foundation was rent knowledge through the pared for, have access to, per- chosen.

The proposed grant hands-on experience. Thank You, explained the importance of preparing students for college La Joya ISD for having a local increasing Math knowledge readiness, especially in math- grant accessible for our teacher through the use of math ma- ematics. Preparation starts in in La Joya!!!! Many teachers elementary classrooms where who are teaching math do have they need to develop a solidMr. Andrade, 4th Lorena Andrade, 5th Mariana Castillo, the manipulatives and, there- understanding of mathematicallalpando, Mrs. Villalpando, Jessie Villalpando, Mrs. Castillo, 5th Andrea Gomez, Mrs.

Gomez,2nd Sarah Villalpando, Dr. The stu- and having a little snack withcomed the Gingerbread man dents and teachers went hunt- him, while at the same time ourfor the holiday season. The students and our character. This was a greatgerbread Man, during their teachers were all very involved way to end a busy holiday sea-library classes, in which the and excited about solving the son, it took a lot of teamworkstudents invited him to come clues which would lead them to from our students, teachers,see them.

In response to their finding their treasure, the Gin- staff and parent volunteers. Itletters we hid many clues gerbread Man. At the end of was a wonderful experience foraround the campus asking the the hunt, students enjoyed lis- all who were involved. Left to right: 5th grade teachers Mrs. Anna Rivera, Mrs. Vanessa Villarreal, and Mrs. Cynthia Leija not available for picture, Mrs.

Sandra AhlmanMiss. Technology is everywhere she was awarded 5 iPads to use learning more meaningful and If you are in the education ed to raise funds through a pie pated in a silent auction, where and it affects the way we do in her classroom along with fun. For several the highest bidder had the op- things at home and at school.

In her 5th grade class, for their students as a way toing. As we all know, schools tainer for the particular admin- Needless to say, the Pie in the 5th grade student has on hand students are using their devic- introduce them to the basics ofare always looking for ways to istrator they wanted to receive Face contest was a huge suc- a Chrome book, Kindle or an es for Reading, Math, and So- technology. Administra- cess! The students and staff at iPad available to use for class cial Studies assignments. Clinton Elementa- assignments.

Conse- ry enjoyed every part of thissources for students and staff. We under-William J. Clinton Elementary failed to raise this amount, or the administrators really took a Google account to save their stand that there are differentis no exception. Elementary are reaching for the documents onto their Google kinds of learners and one wayFor a second consecutive year, nation, would receive a pie in goal and meeting the 21st cen- Drive which helps keep all their we are reaching them is by us-the administrative team decid- the face.

Teachers also partici- tury technology expectations. Cynthia Leija is part of work in one place. Leija ing technology to enhance the the La Joya Apple Academy for effectively integrates technol- relationship between the teach- and encourages all ogy into her subject areas on er and their students.

This year that it helps make teaching andPictured from left to right: Dr. Stuhdelpineg stnudentts getLthe! It is an expectation overall scale. The two lucky By Pedro Oliva ically able to participate in an ing a type of musical instru-that was held as an incentive for to have MTSS-B behavior on winners were Cristal Martinez, Tabasco Elementary organized fashion during their ment, and other sports gamesMTSS-B behavior while riding campus, as well as on the bus, a fifth grade student, on left, regular school day.

All students on right. Gon- tives and bikes were a biggie! Elective Fridays will continue ities available on that Friday. Other activities available for throughout the year, with new These activities include sports the students include drawing, activities being included as the activities, cultural, and arts singing activities, dance, learn- weeks continue. Being exposed to gummy bears. It was a reading students were excited about the non-fiction books on an ongo- challenge that heightened the proximity of the December fes- ing basis is significant for stu- reading of non-fiction books Seguin Library features dif- thoughts and imagination.

It vember, Mystery and Horror tivities and the time off. It was dents since it provides factual as well as provide ongoing ex-ferent Genres for every month also helps develop their inner for the month of October and the time of year when families knowledge about the world citement and motivation forof the school year. In Decem- moral character and teaches informational books for the are thinking about Christmas they live in, expands their vo- students. By Miriam Gutierrezber, Seguin Elementary stu- critical thinking skills.

They month of September. Reading trees, gifting, and travel. We cabulary, expands their criticaldents were voraciously reading see the consequences of the different types of genres bene- wanted to add some holiday thinking skills, and developsbooks about ancient tales and book characters decisions and fits students by exposing them themed fun to reading our- their ability to comprehendmagical stories of evil queens, learn that what will happen to different types of characters, selves so we planned for a con- more complex texts.

Amidst allimpish fairies, and mischie- depends on the choices they cultures, and vocabulary. Not only do fairy tales grade student Alberto Borrego reading and books. Therefore, er, we often find many studentses. Students requires extra effort on theirand two fairy tale books. Read- conflict within themselves. Throughing books in these genres helps We have featured a Geographystudents expand their creative Quest for the month of No- take a guess at how many gum- our reading contest we hoped my bears were inside a contain- to be able to entice more kids to er, but their opportunity to take expand their reading repertoire a guess could only be granted if and have fun simultaneously as they read 3 non-fiction books.

Students Many students have joined rera. Long term incentives have they went to the park whereBook Club as an after school pact their life. The organization is Students can benefit immense- ing in the book club would be ification they receive for their students. Students who had the park.

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Students nization like book club. Every six weeks students 3rd Six Weeks were taken on aspend time in this organiza- find a sense of community of said junior Gabriela Barrera. This groupreading. It is a nior Valeria Quintero. Meanwhile, stu-books amongst your peers, try major obstacle; you can rec- dents at PHS are enjoying beingnew book genres based on rec- ommend books to them based part of this club as an excellentommendations by other mem- on what they like, but not force way to grow their mind andbers.

The students veloping inside the eggs. Eggs Annual Special Olympics Ac- plenty of activities to do includ- they felt different types of tex-in an agriculture enrichment then placed the fertile chicken that were not developing were tivities on December 14th!!! The look tures and identified them. Theyprogram sponsored by Texas eggs in an egg incubator. Miss Monica Flores, temperature of Once they had help design this ramp for thisPerez Elementary and gave a op into chicks.

Temperature lab and found two baby chicks District. The students from confided their wishes to Santa, magnificent annual Olym-lesson about the life cycle of a and humidity are key elements had hatched. The baby chicks Kika de la Garza Elementary they were off to start an ad- pics. Many tried their skillschicken. She also explained in the hatching process.

The had to stay inside the incubator boarded the bus with excite- venture of obstacle courses to shooting baskets, while othershow students can learn about eggs were carefully watched for two extra days. The students ment and anticipation as they get a day filled with exercise. The grand finale wasvations. Students were able tary students would come into ing care and dedication were gym on Wednesday, Decem- es gleamed as they ran from where they all received medalsto see if an egg contained an the lab and rotate the eggs three the key factors in the develop- ber 14, Our very own station to station.

They par- for participation. The studentsembryo by a process known as times a day to increase their ment of new life. This process consist- hatchability rates. They also gave the students an unforget- grader, recited the Pledge of Al- where they performed differ- tary Special Ed. Departmented of flashing light into the egg. At one station, they would like to thank the La JoyaIf the egg had a dark matter enth and eighteenth day to en- ceremony that kicked off the strolled on a scooter through School District for a wonderful activities and carried the torch a tunnel: An adventure filled fun filled day of adventure and for our school proudly.

She did with curiosity and excitement to thank Santa for their gifts! We are played video games on hugeMiss Monica Flores, Mr. Daniel Romero, and third grade students placing eggs in in- Baby chicks hatched at Perez Elementary. Tabasco chases down track with Turkey Trot runBy Pedro Oliva Originally scheduled for No- er family out participating withTabasco Elementary vember, a series of circum- them.

The sun beats down, December, but the event nev- faces was clear: they wanted tofiercely, upon the gravelly ter- ertheless maintained its name, win. Medals were awarded torain. Cantu Christopheras. It was decided that it entry fee, and the money raised would function well as an event toward the track set the schoolThus, from the mind of Tabas- to draw parents and also in- off to a good head start. It was There was bingo, musical with the labor to build the track Middle School Library un-from this notion that the Tur- chairs, and other assorted ac- when the time comes to begin leashed their creativity with akey Trot 5K was born.

This tivities for us and Tabasco fam- construction. Thank you to everyone who test was open to all students inpromote the need for the track Students got to hit the track by participated and helped make grades sixth through 8th. Stu-and simultaneously help to grade level, and many of them the Turkey Trot a success. Bookmarks were judged on originality, design, and creativ- ity. Andy Reyna and Stefani Garcia were the winners of this bookmark contest. They were two of the many students throughout the school who submitted their bookmark to be judged.

The two winning bookmarks will be professionally printed and distributed to everyone at IGMS. Americo Paredes of the community and central cer Guerra from the Truancyheld their 2nd annual Tamale office personnel. Prizes were Department. Erika Gon-Contest. Six participants took awarded to the 1st, 2nd and zalez, campus principal, stated,on the challenge. They were 3rd place winners.

The contest was a taste of the award winning of homemade tamales alive byopen to all the school parents tamales. Rosario so that our students get an op-ty to show off their talent and Vela, 2nd place Mrs. Angeli- portunity to celebrate our His-skills at tamale making. This ca Ortiz, and 3rd place Reyna panic culture, and know thatfamily tradition has definite- Olguin. The judges were Mr. The con- Board President, Mrs. Abdullah- Executive Director of Student Ser- vices.

Once Mount Crumpit. Through the use of a pop- them to be able to representcember. These kindother land as the library was Grinch Stole Christmas. The current 6 weeks cream filling. This took criti- matter that seems to be difficultand a team of teachers worked ated a Grinch Puppet, played scene of the movie!

Who-ville grow three sizes that day! Be- the most of all opportunities toexperience. They even created attire was worn by many — in- on models utilizing common, ing exposed to a concept in a help students become highly everyday items. This week stu- variety of ways during guided skilled in Science and all other dents are focusing on the dif- and independent practice re- subjects. They present- When it dried they decorated itJose De Escandon Elementary ed their writings and as a class with different paints and mark- Pictured Left to Rigth: Anneth Torres, Jocelynn Garza, Alvaro Martinez, Aleydis Cantuenjoyed participating in 2 ro- decided on the best creative ers.

They had a blast. Theytations after doing well in their one. The students really en- were very creative. Reyna Elementarysix weeks tests. Reyna Elementary Library together with their families Sonia Rodriguez, fifth gradecould show mastery in all of the cold and chilly day, but also colored paints and their finger- planned a Thanksgiving Family were asked to create a collage of teacher at E. Thetheir six weeks tests to be able incorporated their creativity print as the light bulbs. Using Project. Thanksgiving is a spe- pictures, drawings, and poems students and parents put a lotto participate in the full day of when contrasting their stories.

It wasChristmas activities. The stu- The next rotation had the stu- and allowed the students a re- on all the good things in their family traditions. The project a great way to show how theydents participated in the first dents create 2 Christmas theme ward for all of their hard work lives and it is a time for shar- was to be created on a paper come together as a family androtation by 1st drinking hot pictures using different colored during the third six weeks. We ing, spending time with others plate and they could incorpo- spend time together.

A com-chocolate and watching a short paints. The students first creat- try and instill in the students and giving thanks. Focusing on rate any type of materials and mon tradition of the projectsChristmas video. When the ed a Christmas tree using green that hard work pays off at the this theme, the library wanted be as creative as possible.

There submitted was eating turkey onvideo was finished, they used paint and instead of using paint end. The theme submitted. Our Topplishments is important at oping their skills, but also in Reader, Jaime Polanco who hasEvangelina Garza Elementary, being part of fun incentives. One of the main has helped students reach the and books basket. To celebrate this major tion that his goody basket wasand to recognize the students accomplishment we prepared inclusive of a pair of Cynocu-for choosing the act of reading a special luncheon dedicated lars, an item which he had beenover the many other elements to them.

Students voted on hoping for. Our campus hosts of Dairy Queen and ice cream principal, Maria Flores-Guerramonthly challenges to promote blizzards as dessert. During and teacher, Elizabeth Garzareading and reading motiva- the event students also had a both of whom have been in-tion in students.

Perfil de Gradiant: Seguridad / Inteligencia / Conectividad

Through these chance to participate in a prize strumental in motivating ourchallenges we hope to be able unveiling game which was a Master Readers to meet thisto show students that their ef- slight variation of the com- goal. Reyna Elementary To celebrate the holiday season Christmas tree project was not few. The Christmas trees were at E. Reyna Elementary, stu- a competition, but on a volun- also decorated with lights and dents and their families were teer basis only.

It was a project beautiful handmade decora- invited to create a Christmas that could be done with the tions. There were many see so many Christmas trees brary. The Christmas trees creative and beautiful Christ- that were original and creative, were to be made out of any mas trees that were brought stated Mrs. Students cre- clerk. It made the library look cled material. It could also be ated trees that were made out like a miniature Christmas tree decorated or painted in any of matchbox car tracks, card- forest. The students loved com- theme as well.

They were in- board, recycled books, plastic ing into the library to see the structed to be as creative and spoons, styrofoam cups, pasta Christmas trees as they were resourceful as possible. The shells, and candy to name a being brought in. This involved someone the Star Wars Read-A-Thon, By Miriam Gutierrez dered excitement along with a codes next to the design tothat brings together Star Wars reading in a designated area students were able to experi- During the month of No- positive message for our kids.

Over the past 5 in the library every minute of ence reading for enjoyment vember, students and staff at Each grade level collaborated all theme and to continue toyears, Star Wars campaign has the school day. Students and without the pressure of being Evangelina Garza Elemenary to plan and design a coherent promote technology awarenessorganically grown into an an- staff were scheduled every 15 tested on the material.

They were fascinated by the clever theme that involved both su- in our students. In addition tonual event celebrated by book- minutes to read throughout also witnessed adults taking decorations they encountered perheroes and the critical mes- our door decoration contest,stores, libraries and schools the day.

Participants had free time to sit, relax and read. This as they walked down the hall- sage of standing strong against our school counselors had var-across the globe. It celebrates choice of the reading materi- demonstrated to the students ways. In honor of Drug Free the use of drugs. Criteria for ious other activities in placereading by inviting libraries al they could use. Many stu- that no matter the age, read- week, our staff used their class- the contest included originali- throughout the week such asand other organizations to host dents brought comic books, ing is an important part of our room door to remind everyone ty, design elements, and visual campus visitors and special dis-literacy events such as story- magazines and some decided everyday living.

Many of our staff mem- cussions with our students totelling, literacy nights and au- to catch up on current events staff were encouraged to wear Drugs!

Perfil del Club de Inversores de Cluster TIC

This was a school wide bers went beyond this and in- heighten awareness of the dan-thor visits. This year Clinton by reading the newspaper. Some gers of using illegal drugs. Elementary librarian, Nancy Pre-kinder and Kinder classes and costumes. This event was by our campus administration staff members also implement-Garza initiated Star Wars Reads were invited to listen to read- established to promote literacy and counselors and that ren- ed technology by placing QRDay by organizing their First alouds conducted by differentAnnual Star Wars Read-A- volunteers.

By participating in and create lifelong readers. Alfredo Terrazas Teacher Ms. There were also Oreoat Elodia R. There dents begged her to bring her There was a chocolate flan,was so much buzzing around recipe in which she obliged. The stu-their procedural text. The excitement stirred the Staff member, Esmer Adame takes a moment to admire the unique design created by our Physical Education Staff members.

A decorated ladder Naricso G. Cavazos Lonely And Blue? Rafael Mendez got Santa Claus, Crystal Conde the ladies that helped shape the of yarn representing all the ley and short biographies frominspired as he searched for his as Mrs. Claus, Kevin Castil- American Revolution. Fourth grade past. Take some time to openexperience for all our theatrical the piano player, Christopher marched, fought and danced constructed wooden wagons up cards and listen as 4th andinspired students.

Tryouts took Sanchez as Bix, the drummer, on paving the way into the fu- that women such as Catharine 5th grade students as they re-place Friday, November 18 and background singers; Kae- ture. First through fifth grade Littlefield Greene used to carry cite their words. Pena as Mariah, Shaila Sanchez ed embellishments that were ing the cotton gin. After find- memory lane the spirit of OurIt all starts with the holiday as Celine, Elves; Kaitlyn Tovar worn by these courageous ing out that Dolley Madison Founding Mothers have in-season at the North Pole and as Holly, Alessandra Villarre- women throughout their his- loved to throw parties, 3rd-5th spired us through the multi-Elfis the Elf is introduced to his al as Molly, Jazmin Martinez torical journeys.

The Christmas pro- up the Christmas pro-the value of friendship and gram also included songs per- gram, the Cavazos Cheerlead-communication. Soon they are formed from around the world. The musical helped students come out of their shell, learn about commitment and dedi- cation and more importantly it taught them the importance of friendship and communi- cation. Helping Mr. She says shenounce that seven students in fifth grade with Mrs.

Garza; wants me to be the best at whathave read more than one mil- Jalyn Torres with Mrs. Paez from 4th grade,lion words and accomplished who are all Olympic Readers. Villarreal from 5ththe goal of becoming an Olym- Congratulations to all students words of motivating me all the be the Top Readers in their ed teachers with weekly word grade.

The classrooms enjoyedpic Reader for Reading Re- who have accomplished be- grade level. Each classroom count so teachers could see a library full of fun filled com- time. Our top reader is We encourage all to meet your Saenz, told me to believe in have the highest word count more. She is very Reader. For those who have ac- and I did, I read over one mil- or better on their Reading Re- following winners: Mrs. So, naissance book tests for a total Cervantes from 1st grade, Mrs. Pena from 2nd grade, Ms. During the V. Hernandez from 3rd grade,tary.

Nelly de la Cruz was our and even three million words! She is in Students will attend a field trip ery year after that. We are sofourth grade with Ms. When asked and parents for their continuedtian Santos in fourth grade, what the motivation was in support for our students in be-Ms. Garcia in fifth grade with Mrs. Jackson presentresearch on science interactive wall using artifacts from hands- her research and interactive Library clerk, Mrs.

Reyna Elementar y PoetsStudents at Cavazos love and Step 5-Students complete their Perez, Gonzalez, and Cavazostake pride participating in the activity sheets and take notes. Elementary teachers. She in- Students in grades PreK —creation of their wall for the Once the wall is completed, troduced, modeled and had Fifth grade at E. Reyna El-classroom. The idea is to show every student is encouraged tips for them to follow.

Coworking, una filosofía para el siglo XXI

The Elementary students have been The district contest is a greatto follow 5 steps: claim statement or CER con- increasing their science scores event that encourages studentsStep 1-Teachers plan vocabu- sists of a claim, the evidence and not only making visual to express their feelings andlary and sketch a concept map, and the reasoning.

In pre-Step 2-Teachers prepare a stu- Fifth grade teachers were in- easier to remember target vo- paring for this event, teachersdent activity sheet that mirrors troduced to the research at the cabulary. There were many orig- inal and artistic poetry submis- sions and all students did an excellent job. All three students attended the event and read aloud their orig- inal poem. First grade student, Mario Pedraza was the winner for the PreK — 1st grade divi- sion. It was a loving tribute to his stepfather who has made a great impact on his life. A wonderfully written Chavez who is in third grade.

Extravaganza Elementary celebrated their ally enjoyed having a campfire, around and read library booksNarciso G. Cavazos had potatoes to their teacher and deliberation the tallies were to- reading accomplishments with even if it was not a real one, in and told stories to each other. Students the library where they gathered Students enjoyed this experi-tato Contest on November 18, top three.

Classroom winners by grade level and each given a who met their AR goals for the around as Mrs. Hernandez, ence and are looking forward As a way to promote were then taken to the library basket full of wonderful good- 2nd Nine Weeks were invited librarian, read them scary sto- to the next AR Celebration. The library lights wereency and background knowl- neatness, creativity, and con- something out of not ordinary and listened to scary stories turned off to add to the experi-edge, Librarian, Edith Vera put nection to a book.

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