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When I think about my own pets, I have a dog that has great cognitive ability and great language ability, and she's a pretty deep thinker. And then I have another one that, he's really like living with a caveman. I don't think he can put more than two words together. When did you become aware you had this ability? I had a dog who was a horribly behaved dog. I had taken her to the vet, taken her to the trainer, taken her to see an animal behaviorist. I hired an animal communicator, because I didn't know what else to do.

She changed our experience. She literally just changed everything in an hour and a half about how I perceived that dog and the dog perceived me. After that, I had an experience where a dog we recently adopted was grieving her former home. And so I said, out loud, "What's going on? What did I do to end up here? He'd ditched his dog for this woman, and she ended up at our house. So that stunned me. You understand many would be doubtful of this. What do you say to skeptics? I usually say something to be effect of: "That's fine, you don't have to believe me.

I don't blame you, there's lots of things that I don't believe in that other people do. That seems like a normal reaction. Sometimes I come across someone who believes that because I believe this, I'm open to everything. They'll talk to me about their time on the astral plane, and I'll be like, "Wow, I have just entered a whole field of bullshit that I don't believe in.

I absolutely understand I have no room to talk. And yet, on the other hand, what she's saying is obviously crazy. One of the primary reasons why people hire me is because they have a behavioral situation with a pet. I was working with a cat last week who lives here in Portland, who was starting to have what I would call a protest poop.

He was pooping outside of the box. I went to talk with the cat—his name is Sam. He didn't sound like a little child, he knew exactly what he was doing. The thing he said to me was, "It's unfortunate that it's come to this. The message he was trying to get a across was that he didn't like that his owners were leaving dirty clothes on the floor of their bedroom. May be very minimal identifying marks on the inside cover. Very minimal wear and tear. See all condition definitions - opens in a new window or tab Read more about the condition.

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About this product. Once again she has achieved yet more outstanding results and helped change the lives of not just the animals but their owners too. This book takes you further into her journey which is guaranteed to take you on an emotional ride with her stories using animal communication to bring about incredible transformations. Some will surely tug at your heart-strings and others bring laughter to your lips. Whatever they do - they will leave you in no doubt that Jackie can, and does, talk to the animals and is out there making a difference for the animal kingdom.

Through her celebrity pet talking work, she is trying to make a difference for the animal kingdom by sharing their animal communication stories to help show that there is far more to animals than most people realise.

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  7. Animal Talking Tales: with The Animal Psychic - This was my second book and again full of case histories and some that will bring tears to your eyes but I was honoured to be part of the lives of these animals and their owners and many I keep in contact with to this day. Once again there are so many moments of laughter and animal antics and also this book does touch onto the spiritual side of animals that have passed over but amazingly the joy and happiness their connection back to this Earth has shown us.

    Foreword: If you have opened this book and are reading this, then you are either a believer or curious and therefore open to persuasion. Trust me, Jackie talks to animals. She is not alone - I know of other people who are able to communicate with our furry companions in this way, but she has the added gift of a sense of humour. These are marvellous, heart warming, funny, touching stories that give us a breathtaking insight into our animals and the way they live their lives and relate to us.

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      Animal Communicator Penelope Smith

      Handling time. I feel very playful and quite silly. I ask about food: I would rather have something that seems like food from a can. He likes the warm weather. I ask if he has any friends: he shows me only what looks like a turtle. I ask if he has a message for you: he wants you to keep going.

      He loves being with you. He likes to watch you as you sit on your chair or on the sofa. He sees orbs behind you. This is a mystical dog. He checks back in with me to make sure I have told you how much he loves you. He feels that he might be a pain once in a while but wants you to forgive him.

      He giggles. K acknowledges the dark towel he likes.

      Alışveriş Sepeti

      Buster does not allow K. K says he is fastidious about his water and she changes it often. But there is this sweetness about him and asks to be forgiven for that. As for the ORBS flat little circles of energy that are visible only in certain dim lights and usually only in the evenings animals do see these and he was really looking at some down the dark hall at night.

      I knew Bandit was looking at something fascinating because he would not be distracted. He was hyper-staring if there is such a thing. Very few people can see orbs. They are occasionally visible on film at night as flat round balls. She likes her outfits. She showed me that even before the reading began. She feels like it sets her apart. Told me immediately that she needs glasses. Right front shoulder is getting stiff. She gets a pain in it sometimes. I asked her if it bothers her and she gives me this answer like — well — yes!

      Also right ear seems a little blocked or clogged. Reading fades a little. I ask her if I should come back later and she said no and tried to pull it together to keep going. There are some flies or bugs around her back near her tail that bother her. She shows me a striped blanket that I think you put under her saddle that she likes. Maybe a browny tan color with red narrow stripes. She is very interested in how she looks. She is feeling a little lazy.

      Likes being in the field. Keeps showing me clover. I ask about her food: no complaints. Someone has given her a bar wrapped in paper and she liked that. Wants more. Would like to have a long thin thing that you hang and she chews or licks. It looks like a piece of fly paper to me. I keep seeing her grazing in the field. She loves you too. She likes to put her head next to yours. She seems to have a sense of humor. Like to be ridden as a school horse?

      Moving slowly these days. Suits her. Ask her about the other horses: saw a streak of blue lightning go between her and another horse. She seems not to like the way they smell. Sort of a pony tail up there. Wants to do a little jumping but has no great interest in it. She showed me you sitting next to her just doing something game? She likes looking out her window and likes to see the skies. She just wants to be with you. I send her your love and thank her for coming in. She feels very good about this reading. Or smell like? Nickers is a supreme communicator. She showed me the blanket she likes that her owner made for her, which goes under the saddle, and the colors of that blanket browns and tans with some red.

      She knows what she looks like and what she smells like. The owner only found out that someone was giving her fruit wraps thru this reading. I wanted to thank you for your recent reading of Nickers. Many of the things that you told me were so true. The fact that she likes how she smells was amazing because what her and I are known for at the barn is how nice she smells! After grooming she gets a spray of Marigold or lavender or most recently a home-made mint rinse. I have bought her many things and since my husband and I own our own embroidery business she always gets her name put on them.

      The Animal Psychic Books

      I was glad to hear that she likes all her things and that it makes her feel special….. The clover field and hanging out together was spot on. When she was laid up with a foot abscess , I would walk her down to this little area filled with clover and an apple tree so she could get outside and graze. We still go there after her baths so she can dry in the sun. I found out that the camp kids were feeding her fruit roll ups the week before and I believe that was the treat in the paper and the fly paper vision that you were getting. Evidently she loved them!

      And I did replace her salt lick that hangs in her stall. Do you want to hear from your baby? Is your baby unhappy? Crying a lot? Linda Clayton connects with infants and young children whether they have speech or not. She is offering a free baby reading to 10 parents.

      If you are interested in more information about the reading please contact luluherself2 gmail. Shows me a time when she used to have a lot of energy. Not feeling that way anymore. But no longer wants to do show jumping. I see a bug crawling up her left leg, over the knee. Just absolutely amazing. To be able to tell the people what their animals want and need is deep and satisfying. I have been a psychic, a medium, have seen people at a distance and have done distance healings and this tops them all. I have lost my heart to these magnificent, beautiful animals.

      They are so willing to be open. The horses know immediately if their rider is nervous or sad or sick.

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      They often mirror the mood of their rider, as dogs and cats also take on the emotional feel in their house. The call came in on a Tues. As an animal communicator, I had already read another horse in the barn. She showed me this by shooting two bolts of blue lightening at that smelly horse near her. So, I was recommended to do a reading for 8 other horses.