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I feel like I need to stick to my guns, but the fact that we finally came to a great place in our relationship makes it so hard. I love her and the kids so much, but this is a little too much for me to bear. I understand how this looks and yes she has cheated on me now with 2 different guys and has been with 3 since we got together. She actually had only had sex with 3 guys before me.

I think she would still do an abortion, but now it cost bucks and we only have 2 weeks before deadline with no appointment set yet. I would like some brutally honest advice, and don't know why I'm looking for the golden answer on the internet, but I have nowhere to turn What should I do? If you think abortion is expensive, try raising a kid to adulthood. I know you love this girl but she sounds really a poor decision maker for someone who is already the mother of 2 children. Surely there must be a way to finance an abortion.

I don't know. You keep praising her then talking about all the cheating she did. Do you really think she is going to change if you stay with her? I would think that after 5. I wrote a response and then clicked vote and I guess it didnt work so I'm writing this again. I was saying that believe it or not I kind of know or have a feeling when she's being real and honest and another when she's not. We've been back together for a while now so I guess I've already decided to trust her. We'll see how that goes.

On the other note, trust me I don't think an abortion is expensive at all and a few months ago I was makin 2 abortions a day LOL but times have been horrible for me lately. I can barely keep a roof over my families head and food in their bellies, but you're absolutely right. I'm gonna go out and get this money and get it done. It's my current 1 priority. Unfortunately, we're just starting a historic blizzard so it'll have to wait till Wednesday I guess.

Thanks for the insight tho banshee. I don't think that a few months of her being counts that much. Can you trust her for the rest of your life, decades. I also think that, especially with another child on the way, you will have financial issues now and then. Is this an excuse for her to cheat again? I think you want more than anything to be the guy that wins in the end.

As if her staying with her makes you look like you're the best. Here is your brutal honest answer. She slept with a guy without protection putting her health and your health at risk. Did you get tested for HIV or do you trust her so much? She was left to her own devices and she could have went to school and secured a job to help out while you were gone, but she chose to sleep around and party.

She has no loyalty or devotion to you. You are just the guy who is going to stick around and pay for someone else kid. If i were you, id leave her and for the sake of the unborn child because he or she doesn't deserve the abuse from you because of their race and how they came into this world. If you truly do love her, stay with her. Otherwise leave. As for the baby, if you do love her, how can you ask her to get rid of something that came from her. Even if the child was fathered by another man, the child is her's.

Man up and raise the child as your own. Who cares what others may say because the child may be mixed. You should dump her and let her fall into it. I can tell this is bothering you, and you shouldn't be "ohno am i some racist" She is degrading you and using you. Not only will your entire neighbors and family and friends think you're weird and stupid, but think about what your KIDS will think of it.

Do you want them to be around that? Let her suffer. There are better women out there then this. I went through this, and guess what I did? I grew balls and a backbone. Get one too man! You don't love her, it's just co-dependent insanity! Because I have learned this: once they start doing stuff, they never quit. Check her phone messages, her skype, her facebook, you will find something. She is not in love with you. She may care for you as her childrens father but she is not inlove with you. You seem to be someone she falls back to whenever she messed up.

She finds pleasure in other men. You are just a backup plan. All I can say to you is look for a job somewhere far from her, try dating other women. Go out with the guys Don't be her scape goat, she is keeping you in her life while looking for someone better all the time She doesn't respect you Leave her and move on. I had a lot put down on here and lost it but I have a lot to say to you. It's obvious you have the ultimate cheater on your hands.

Please make a clean break from her and RUN as far away as you can. You've done it before. Now do it for your own good. She will figure things out like she has, and allow herself to be used and abused for sex and survival by these black guys. The brutal truth is, they know they have cultivated a valuable white girl to sell for sex. She will end up being their little sex slave for as long as she can stay healthy and attractive. Burn out will come soon enough, and she will end up a homeless wreck. End of story Ok, the first and foremost part of this story which should resonate with you is that she is addicted to black men.

She can't help it, it's a part of who she is and it's never going to go away. If you stay with her she will continue to see black men. She's only been honest with you to the point of slowly getting you to accept her indiscretions, solely with black men. I think she loves you and she would probably love to stay with you and be a family but if you do and you want it to be an honest marriage then you should just accept that she's allowed a few sexual indiscretions occasionally because if you don't then she will sneak and tell you she's just chilling with them.

Perhaps you could just party with them and let them visit her in your house so that you could better control it and maybe get off on it too. Once you go there, it becomes an obsession. Raise the biracial child as your own and be open minded about the sex so you can keep your family together. Im sorry but shes not gonna learn. And i know it hurts but you need to man up and leave because she might just pick to keep the baby. If she loved you she would have never done that to u. But look when she has the baby get a d. Bc that should be your wake up call. Also make sure she gets tested.

Im sorry but no one desserves what she put you threw. Better your self and someone worth it will come. I couldn't agree more. She addicted to the BBC. And if she's completely honest with you, she'll tell you they are much better in bed. You are a cuckold whether you know it or not.

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And given what you expressed so far. I think it's a role you will grow into and love. I stopped reading this mess half way through and that was enough to get sick of it. Are you seriously still trying to be with this lose girl? If you can't be faithful then you really don't deserve a relationship and she just can't. Totally dump her and forget her. You should man up and raise the baby. You let her have sex constantly with black guys and that's never going to stop.

You have 2 children with her already and separation would be incredibly tough on them. You're a cuckold and this is the life of a cuck. Once you do that, you won't feel "cheated on" anymore. It will be your new relationship understanding and you will both be happier for it. Your white privilege landed you those nice jobs and NYC apartment. This is the cost of luxury. So sit back, enjoy the show and encourage her to keep dating black men after baby is born. You should man up. You left her in dire straits over in NYC, she felt abandoned and so she found her escape with other men.

I'll admit she sounds oversexed, but in a marriage that's a good thing, not bad, as long as you can get over her being with other men. Face it, all girls and guys want to have sex with someone of a different race, it's just being curious. I've been there too. Don't get caught up in the baby being half black, there are many white couples with a mixed-race baby or two, and there are also black couples with a mixed-race baby or two.

People leave relationships or get divorced. When I lived in NYC Manhattan there was a couple that lived on my floor, they were Japanese, but the wife had a baby that was obviously white. She tried the forbidden fruit, moved on, but got pregnant. They must have loved one another, and maybe the baby saved their marriage.

She's never had a preference so she says but secretly wanted to try a white guy. I was just curious, and after we had sex there was no way I was ever going back to a white woman! What does this mean? Your girlfriend has gone black but she prefers you, so accept her love and raise her child as yours. Im a black man too mate. But I hate what shes doing. Now hear me wel here. Ur babymomma dnt take you seriously man. This doesnt need any further explanation. She doesnt respect u period. Now please mate grow some ball and get out of there, get away frm her as far away as u can.

Take the kids to ur folks if u can. If not let it go for a little while until u r back on ur feet and get the kids from that woman. JILL No. JACK I might say "tighten. JILL Just like toned and smaller. JACK Don't make everything smaller. I don't want to generalize that way. JILL We don't want you to lose weight. We just want you to be healthy.

JILL You know, by, by eating less. We would just like it if you JILL And then weigh that much. JACK Just remember, you've got it here, you've got it here, and everybody's going see you right there. Pete is on the couch wearing headphones. That's so exciting! PETE Huh? PETE Oh, congratulations! PETE Hey, maybe you can get your own place now. PETE Yeah! We can watch "Taxicab Confessions. Did you get the deer-in-the- headlights look? Did he freeze or did he finish? They reach the front. The Bouncer looks at them and waves them in. Ben and the guys are standing at the head of the line.

BEN What's going on man? How long you gonna make us wait out here, for Christ's sake? JAY Come on! What the fuck! BEN You know what movie I just saw again the other day which is fucking, like, mind-blowing, and I haven't seen it since it came out? JAY "Munich" is awesome! They all agree. We cappin' motherfuckers. JAY I agree. BEN You know what is not helping us get laid? Is the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, over here at our table. I like your shoes. Screw it.

BEN You weren't "chosen" for a reason. JAY Yeah. Meanwhile, Debbie and Alison head for the bar. You look amazing. Alison leaves for the bar. BEN Yo, a beer over here, please? You're gonna be embarrassed when you realize I'm Wilmer Valderrama. Excuse me! BEN He's literally ignoring this entire half of the bar. Don't even bother. BEN A beer over here, please? He looked at us! Did you see that? BEN And if you can't get service, what am I gonna do, you know?

It's going to be that night. BEN Okay, you want a beer? BEN Just observe. Ben leans over the bar and picks up two bottles of beer and drops money on the bar. BEN Here you go! For your trouble! Thank you. BEN Okay, enjoy it. BEN I'm sure. I tried that once before at The Comedy Store and I got punched in the ear.

I'm supposed to get one for my sister. BEN Oh, here, take mine. Ben hands Alison his beer. I'll wait. This is a big moment for me. Just take it. BEN No problem. BEN I'm Ben. An awkward beat passes between them. BEN Okay, you too. BEN Okay, enjoy, be nice to them. Thanks again. Alison leaves the bar to rejoin Debbie. BEN I'll see ya later. BEN That girl. She, she totally gave me an opening, man, and I locked up.

I just want to get shit-faced, though, you know? I'll just jerk it later. It's cool. She looks Who's that she's sitting with? BEN It's her sister. BEN Yeah. What are we doin' standing here man? Let's go. Come on, follow me. Ben and Jason head toward Alison and Debbie. Jonah approaches Martin. You still partyin' with Tubbs these days? I'm getting it from all angles here. I don't like it anymore. Was it weird when you changed your name from Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam? I got to take off. See ya, "Scorsese on coke.

JAY Chewbacca. It's, you know, it's Chewie. JAY Fuck. Meanwhile, Ben and Jason get to Alison and Debbie's table. BEN Hey. BEN Hi, this is my friend, Jason. I just wanted to see how my beers were doin'. BEN Yes. You're beautiful. It's nothing to be ashamed of. BEN You think that's gonna stop him from hitting on her? It's not, at all. BEN Cool phone. Is it a rash or is it the chicken pox? I don't know! Google it. All right, bye. Sadie might have the chicken pox. I have no immunity to it. BEN We don't have the heart to tell him it's herpes. Alison and Ben exchange a strange look.

Debbie leaves. BEN Cheers. BEN To you. Ben and Alison take pictures of each other with their cell phones. You know, the like, Entertainment News channel? BEN Oh, E! Ben and Alison dance, clearly pretty drunk now. We see Ben's friends in the background, also dancing. Ben pretends to throw dice while dancing. JAY That's really all he's got. Alison and Ben take another shot. Alison runs her fingers through Ben's hair.

It's so great. Do you, like, use product or anything? You put anything in it? BEN I use Jew. You want to get out of here? We can go hang out at my place? BEN Yes, uh, uh, uh BEN Wicked. BEN Okay, I'm really excited to watch that. They exit the club. BEN We should get a cab. Ben grabs Alison and they kiss. BEN This is a big yard! BEN Let's go swimming right now.

Let's just do that. BEN I'm doin'-- Whoo! They take off their shirts. BEN You're prettier than I am. They continue to make out. BEN I do. BEN It's in my pants. I have a condom. BEN I'll get it. Ben grabs his pants and takes out a condom. Ben struggles to put on the condom. BEN to the condom Stupid fucker. BEN I almost got it. Just give me a second. BEN Okay. Ben throws the condom on the floor and rolls over onto Alison. This is lasting forever. BEN I just doubled my record time. Alison is wide awake, clearly kept up by his unattractive snoring.

She stares at him, not sure how she feels about what happened last night. She nudges him with her foot. BEN Fuck off, Martin. I said, fuck off Martin. Ben awakens and turns around. BEN Oh. Ben assesses the situation. BEN I'm naked.

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BEN Nice. BEAT What time is it? BEN Why the fuck are we awake? Let's go back to sleep. BEN Really? BEN No work today. Do you want to get breakfast? Suddenly Pete walks out of the house with the kids. What's happenin', man? PETE Ben. BEN How's it goin'? Pete shakes Ben's hand and smiles. PETE You stop it. BEN All righty. PETE See ya later. Enjoy the day. PETE You are? Someone's getting home- schooled. Ben emerges from the bathroom.

BEN Whew. I just yacked, something nasty. I feel way better, though. I think that's the secret. You just gotta puke. Did you puke? BEN You can. I won't think it's gross or anything. BEN Oh, okay. BEN You know, the best thing for a hangover's weed. Do you smoke? Do you smoke weed?

BEN You don't? BEN At all? BEN Like in the morning? BEN It's the best medicine. Jonah broke his elbow once. We just got high and, it still clicks, but, I mean, he's okay. Last night was great So what do you do? BEN The television channel? BEN Wow. I, I told you about my promotion and I was out celebrating it. BEN I don't remember that at all. I'm actually doing my first on-air interview today.

BEN With who? BEN You know what's interesting about him? BEN Nothing. Will you tell him he's an asshole for me? BEN Someone needs to. Like who gives a shit? ALISON I hope a lot of people actually because that's what my job entails, is making sure people care about what he has to say. I'm interviewing him. BEN Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just don't give a shit.

I'm just saying he deserves a beat down. BEN Me and my roommates have started BEN I'll give you the virtual experience okay? How's that? You're at your computer. Who's an actress you like? BEN No, that does not work at all. Let's say you love Meg Ryan. BEN Great.

A Black Teenager Asked for Directions. A Man Responded With Gunfire.

Who doesn't? Let's say you like her so much, you want to know every movie where she shows her tits. And not just that, but how long into that movie she shows her tits. She's like naked that whole fuckin' movie. She does full-frontal in that movie.

BEN I'll show it to you. I'll show you Meg Ryan's bush. BEN Cool. BEN Awesome. Can I get your number? Alison is incredulous. We should hook up again. BEN If you want to contact me, I don't have a cell right now because of payment complications, but you can email me at the web page, I check it. It's Ben at flesh of the stars, one word, dot com.

Alison gets out of the booth. Ben gets up too. Nice to meet you. Ben puts his arms out for a hug. Alison complies. Ben kisses the air. BEN Okay, uh, see ya. Alison exits the diner. Yeah, that was brutal. I'm sorry, let me take that again. Alison stares at the floor looking ill. She breathes heavily. Yeah, just, what about the comic books? Keep talking. Alison continues to puke. You look like Dom DeLuise. It's gonna make me throw up. I'll fix this.

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No problem. Alison looks ill again. Alison is frantically looking for a place to vomit. Over here. Not on the mixing board, not on the mixing board. Oh my god. Brent grabs a stray piece of paper. What do you have, like the flu? You have to have sex to get pregnant. Alison reacts with a sad realization. Brent picks up the phone. It's Brent Master Five. Alison just puked. Dude, that's what I said. She's probably pregnant, right?

She looks like she just realized that she's pregnant. That was what, eight weeks ago? I don't know. I can't remember. I was, I mean, I've been really stressed at work. I can't remember my last period. Don't joke right now. This is really serious. You know, he was kind of like medium height, sort of Blonde, curly hair. Here, I have this thing of him on my phone. Alison takes out her phone to play a video. I live in your phone! This is the best night of my life! I gotta pee. How did this happen?

Here they are! Over here! Every test on the shelf is pulled into their basket. Alison sits on the toilet and rips one test open. She puts the applicator between her legs. Hurry up now. The test reads positive. Get me a few more! They check another test. A smiley face! Oh, I think that's bad. Let me try one. Pete enters to see Debbie sitting on the toilet. Debbie urinates on the test and checks it. Debbie picks up a test. It's positive. What the hell is this? That scared me.

That would suck. Alison glares at Debbie. Debbie is sitting nearby. Debbie contemplates. It's gonna be fine. I don't need to call him. He doesn't even have a phone. He didn't even have a number to give me.

Guys who have accidentally knocked *up* your girflriend/wife, what happened? : AskMen

Sadie has a phone. I got to call. I'm gonna have to look him up on his stupid website. Oh it's "cum. Debbie begins to type the email. I need to speak with you right away. JAY I love weed. Ben wears a gas mask attached to a bong. BEN through the mask Jay, I am your stoner. Jason sits with his laptop. BEN Yeah, sure. I need to speak to you right away. BEN Shit! Someone wants seconds, mama! Jason types a reply while Ben watches on. Do one of those smiley faces at the end.

Fuckin' A. Those are sexy. BEN Uh-oh! JAY Somebody wants another piece! BEN Shhh I don't know if you remember me. BEN into the phone Oh, yeah, Alison. What's up? Ben is humping Jason's head. BEN into the phone I've been meaning to call you so we could hook up again. You know what I'm sayin'? You wanna just grab some dinner? BEN into the phone Why not? Meeting of minds sounds good. What do you say Geisha House, Hollywood, nine o'clock? That's cool.

Can we make it more like six, though? I'd like to keep it early. BEN into the phone Six o'clock. Beat the rush. Yeah, leave more time for afterwards. I'll just meet you there, then, at six. All the guys mime having sex with each other. BEN into the phone I'll see you there.

Take care. BEN I'm gonna get laid mother fuckers! High fives all around for Ben and the roommates. BEN Nice place, huh? BEN Sorry it took so long to get a table. I didn't realize you needed a reservation. BEN You look very pretty, though. Yeah, I just thought, I don't know, I thought maybe it'd be cool to hang out a little bit and Okay, I'll start. I'm Canadian. BEN From Vancouver. I live here illegally, actually. Don't tell anyone. I'm not poor or anything but I eat a lot of spaghetti. Do you have a real job? BEN Well, that is our job.

BEN We don't technically get money for the hours we put in, but it is our job. BEN How do I pay rent and shit? BEN It was my foot more than anything. But, I got fourteen grand from the British Columbia government. BEN And that really lasted me until now. It's been almost ten years. I have like nine hundred bucks left. So that should last me for I'm not a mathematician, but like another two years or some shit I think. So, I have something I really need to tell you. It's kind of why I called you. Here it goes.

I'm pregnant. BEN Fuck off. BEN What? BEN With emotion? You're the father. BEN I'm the father. BEN How the fuck could this happen? I thought you were wearing a condom. BEN No. BEN I wasn't. BEN Because you told me not to. BEN What am I talking about? You told me not to.

BEN Here's what happened, okay? I will give you a play-by-play of my memory. I almost had the condom on my dick. It was on the cusp and then you said, "Just do it, already. I mean "do it" like "hurry up," like "get fucking going! It's disgusting, okay? But I thought you had one. Why the fuck didn't you stop me once we started? I couldn't tell that you didn't have one on! Obviously, I was drunk! BEN Was your vagina drunk? Did you think it's the thinnest condom on earth I have on? I'm a fuckin' inventor?

I made a dick-skin condom? He hollowed out a penis and put it on? What the fuck?! BEN Okay, you know what? Maybe, I've reacted unfavorably. So what happens now? I don't know how this works. BEN So you haven't seen him, though? BEN So you don't know if you're pregnant. BEN You're not a hundred percent sure.

I bet you're not pregnant. BEN I'm supposed to go? Ben stands by looking at the diagrams on the wall. My name is Thomas Pellagrino. And you must be Debbie's sister How are ya? Legs up. Alison puts her legs up and leans back. BEN Nice office. Pellagrino examines Allison's genital area. Pellagrino picks up a long cone shaped device. I'm just kidding. Pellagrino looks at Ben and shrugs like saying "this is just part of the job" as he puts the cone device inside Alison.

And the uterus. See that? That dark sac there, that's the amniotic sac. And right there, in the middle is the embryo. Do you see that flicker? You know what that is? That's the heartbeat. Yeah, it looks like you are pregnant. About eight or nine weeks, I'd say. Alison points to the monitor. Take good care of it. Now the fun part starts. Let me make a picture for ya, huh? That'll be fun. Alison begins to CRY. I'll give ya a little time alone, there. Alison continues to cry. BEN Oh, God. It's okay. Who does that?!

You fucked everything up. That's what you have to realize. You gotta know all the tricks. Like, for example, if a woman's on top, she can't get pregnant. It's just gravity. JAY I think it's awesome that you're gonna have a kid, man. Think of it like this. It's just an excuse to play with all your old toys again.

Take care of it. JAY Tell me you don't want him to get an "A word. JAY Ben, you cannot let these monsters have any part of your child's life. All right? I'm gonna be there to rear your child. Don't let him near the kid. He wants to rear your child! Ben gets up and leaves the room. Ben, come on, man. JAY Oh, great.

Now he's upset. Move on. What's gonna happen with your career? Or how, how are you gonna tell them? I have a while before I have to say anything. I mean, I'm only gonna start to show when I'm like, I don't know, six months or something. Seven months. Fat in the face, jowls, fast ass. This is a mistake. This is a big, big mistake. Now think about your stepsister. Now, you remember what happened with her? She had the same situation as you and she had it taken care of. And you know what? Now she has a real baby.

Honey, this is not the time. BEN You happy about that? BEN This is a disaster. BEN It is, you know? Your grandmother having Alzheimer's so bad she doesn't even know who the fuck I am, that's a disaster. This is a good thing. This is a blessing. BEN I had a vision for how my life would go and this definitely is not it.

Are you living your vision right now? BEN I am kinda living my vision, yeah.